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    • Fans of The Original Star Trek remember Julie from her role as "Miss Piper" in the two-part episode "The Menagerie."

    • Julie was the oldest of six children.

    • Julie's birthname was Ruby Joyce Wilbar. She used Julie Parrish as her stage name.

    • Julie is more recently known for her role as Nat's girlfriend, and later wife, on Beverly Hills 90210.

    • Julie worked for nine years as a full-time on-staff counselor at the Haven Hills shelter for battered women and their children. She first became interested in the needs of battered women while a volunteer on a rape and battery crisis hotline during her college days.

    • Before she passed away from ovarian cancer, Julie resided in Santa Monica, California.

    • Julie won a national modeling contest where Jerry Lewis was the judge. She got her start in film when he cast her in small roles in his films It's Only Money and The Nutty Professor.

    • Julie won the Los Angeles Drama Critics Award for her portrayal of Maggie in Arthur Miller's After the Fall.

    • Julie graduated from Tecumseh High School (Michigan) in 1959.

    • Julie was a big Elvis Presley fan; she was lucky enough to star with him in Paradise, Hawaiian Style.

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