Julie Stoffer

Julie Stoffer


7/11/1979, Provo, Utah

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Julie Stoffer


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Julie Stoffer was born on July 11, 1979 in Provo, Utah. Julie attended Brigham Young University which is a private Christian university. She was raised a Mormon and still holds on to her faith. Julie has traveled around the world speaking of her negative opinions of alcohol, drugs,…more


Trivia and Quotes

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    • Magazine Appearance:
      Game Informer Magazine

      April 2006, Issue 156, page 12

      Pictured with Victor Lucas in "GISPY: Candid Photos From the Seedy Underbelly of the Video Game Industry"

    • Like many of her Real World alumni, Stoffer speaks at colleges about her experiences on the show. But unlike her fellow cast mates, she is also asked to speak about the video gaming industry.

    • Julie is the oldest of five children. She has two brothers, Alan and Jonathan, and two sisters, Lisa and Susan.

    • It is often rumored that Julie was to have been on one of the planes that was involved in the September 11th tragedy, yet she changed planes due to a conflict of schedual. To this date this rumor has neither been confirmed or denied from Julie.

    • Julie was suspended from Brigham Young University in July 2000 due to her appearing on MTV's The Real World. The suspension was based on her alleged honor code breach of having non-related members of the opposite sex living under the same roof.

    • On the official transcript for her appearance on Larry King Live ("What's Driving the Popularity of `Reality TV'?"), Julie is the only person listed by her first name. All of the other "Reality Show" guests, and King himself, are listed properly by their last names. It is unknown why Julie's first name remained in the final cut for the transcript.

    • Julie applied for The Real World without watching any previous seasons. This was due to her parents not allowing Mtv to be played in the house.

    • Along with her television credits, Julie has been the drummer for the bands Bunk Bed Experiment and The Swerve.

    • Was featured in New Found Glory's music video for their song "Hit or Miss."

    • Julie appeared in Eminem's "Without Me" music video with fellow The Real World alums Puck from San Francisco and Syrus from Boston.

    • Although she is well known as a television personality, Julie also has a talent for music. She plays drums and guitar.

    • Along with her television hosting credits, Julie is also the host of a video game talk-radio show called "Chatterbox: Video Game Radio". The show, based in Phoenix, Arizona, airs Sunday nights on AM station KFNX and is also simulcasted over the internet.

    • Julie is currently a contributing writer for the video game magazine Hardcore Gamer Magazine.

    • Julie's Top 5 Favorite Movies
      Napoleon Dynamite, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Matrix Trilogy, The Princess Bride and High Fidelity.

    • Before becoming an official host, Julie's nickname on The Electric Playground was "The Roving Reporter."

    • Julie married a doctor who she only identifies as Spencer, on November 5, 2004 at the Salt Lake City Temple. The Salt Lake City Temple is the best known temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

  • Quotes

    • Julie: There are some things about the Mormon culture that I don't love, but I love the actual religion, and I stand very true to my convictions.

    • Julie: I'm going to step onto this streetcar, and it's going to take me to a place that I don't even know, and it's going to take me to people that I don't even know.

    • Julie: If I got anything from being on The Real World, it's courage. Courage to do what I want, to look at myself and the ugly things about myself and start dealing with them.