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    • Julie White: Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my goodness, you Tony voters, what a bunch of wacky, crazy kids! I thank you so much! Just to be nominated with those extraordinary list of women. I never imagined I would even be on a list like this, unless it was for dinner reservations at Angus. I mean, and then to get the tchochke! Oh my God! I can't feel my hands -- is that a bad thing? I share this with Doug Carter Beane, the playwright who gave me this great part. And with Scott Ellis and everyone at Second Stage for convincing Doug Carter Beane that I should play the role, which apparently took a lot of arm twisting. I share it with my cast: Neal Huff, Tom Everett Scott, Ari Graynor, my baby, Johnny Galecki, and my baby, baby, Zoe Lister-Jones. Oh my God, our genius producers. I played a hideous agent and my agents have never been hideous -- to my face. I thank everyone at Paradigm, especially my own personal care bear, Tim Sage. Thank you my darling. My manager, Steve Himber, my family at home -- my sister Terri-Lynn has not breathed since this happened. Take a breath, Terri. And finally I want to thank my daughter, Alex, who gives us all hope for the future. Thanks, darling. - Tony Award acceptance speech, June 10, 2007