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Juliet AnneMarie Huddly

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  • She is truly interested in the subject matters and isn't just a "reader". She is forthright in her comments and not a "suck-up" host. Kudos! Best dressed female on TV.

    keep up the great work! the friendship and honesty between Mike and Juliette makes the topics and their banter believable and keeps ones interest. I love that neither of them are sycophants to their guest and/or resident experts. For a young woman, her values for humanity are well established - congrats to her parents, and she and Mike know how to disagree agreeably. She is the girl next door cute, but at the same time, sophisticated saavy woman. Whoever her wardrobe tech is, knows her and what suits her hair, eyes and figure. Sometimes I'm late for work, so I can see what she is wearing. Never disappointed.moreless