Juliet Mills


Juliet Mills Trivia


  • Trivia

    • Juliet has written one book titled "Mind, Body & Soul in Balance", a self-help guide.

    • Juliet was nominated for a Tony Award in 1960 for the Broadway play "Five Finger Exercise" for Best Supporting or Featured Actress (Dramatic).

    • Juliet's godparents were Sir Noel Coward and Vivien Leigh.

    • Juliet has two children: son Sean Alquist from her first marriage and daughter Melissa Caulfield from her second marriage.

    • Juliet has been married three times. Her first was to Russell Alquist Jr. (1961-1964), the second to Michael Miklenda (1975-1980). She has been married to actor Maxwell Caulfield since December 2, 1980.

    • Juliet received a prenomination for Lead Actress for the 2007 Daytime Emmy Awards.

  • Quotes

    • Juliet: (on 'Passions') I knew I had supernatural power, and then when I got my audition script it said I was talking to a 'little person'. I said, 'So who is this little person? Am I talking to a leprechaun?' They didn't tell me anything about a talking doll.