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    • Juliette has been nominated for four SAG Awards. In 1997, she was nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role and Outstanding Performance by a Cast for The English Patient. In 2001, she was nominated for both Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role and Outstanding Performance by a Cast for Chocolat.

    • Juliette appears on the cover of Lauren Lawrence's book Private Dreams of Public People.

    • In October 1997, Juliette was ranked #93 in Empire Magazine's (UK) on 'The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time' list.

    • In 1995, Juliette was chosen by Empire Magazine as #48 of the '100 Sexiest Stars in Film History'.

    • Juliette wrote the preface for the French book, Le Grand livre de la tendresse, published in 2002.

    • Juliette has been nominated for three Golden Globe awards (in 1994, 1997 & 2001) all in the category of Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Comedy/Musical for her leading roles in the films Trois couleurs: Bleu, The English Patient and Chocolat.

    • In 1993, Juliette won the Volpi Cup at the Venice Film Festival in the category of Best Actress for her role as Julie Vignon (de Courcy) in the 1993 film Trois couleurs: Bleu.

    • Juliette posed nude for the November 2007 issue of the French edition of Playboy Magazine.

    • In 1997, Juliette won the Best Actress award at the Cabourg Romantic Film Festival for her role as Hana in the 1996 Romance The English Patient.

    • In 2006, Juliette was nominated for a ALFS Award in the category of Actress of the Year for her lead role as Anne Laurent in the 2005 film Caché.

    • Juliette is the godmother of five Cambodian children.

    • As of 2002, Juliette is the highest paid French actress in history.

    • In 1997, People Magazine chose Juliette as one of the '50 Most Beautiful People in the World'.

    • Juliette's last name is pronounced "Bee-nosh."

    • Juliette has once worked as a cashier.

    • In 1983, Juliette appeared in a television commercial for Chamallo.

    • She attended and studied acting at the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts at Paris.

    • She turned down the lead role in Jurassic Park as Dr. Ellie Sattler to film Trois couleurs: Bleu.

    • She has won an Academy Award and nominated another time:
      -She won for Best Actress in a Supporting Role in 1997. She won for The English Patient.
      -She was nominated again for Best Actress in a Leading Role in 2000. She was nominated for Chocolat.

    • She has two children, a son, Raphael, and a daughter, Hana.

    • She was ranked #3 in 2001 on Mr. Blackwell's Worst Dressed List.

    • She is 5'6" (1.68 m).

    • Her nickname is "La Binoche".

    • She smokes.

    • She has appeared in the following plays:

  • Quotes

    • Juliette: If a star is someone who gives light, then I can be a star. But if a star is someone who goes after money and magazine covers then it's sick and I don't want it!

    • Juliette: Acting is like peeling an onion. You have to peel away each layer to reveal another.

    • Juliette Binoche: When I returned to France after winning the Oscar, I was treated like royalty, or like a football hero!

    • Juliette Binoche: I've never thought of my characters as being sad. On the contrary, they are full of life. They didn't choose tragedy. Tragedy chose them.

    • Juliette Binoche: I live for the present always. I accept this risk. I don't deny the past, but it's a page to turn.