Juliette Goglia

Juliette Goglia


9/22/1995, USA

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Juliette Rose Goglia


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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • On April 5th 2007, Juliette had knee surgery to correct an injury from dance/gymnastics.

      Her doctors advise she will be unable to act for 2-3 weeks and unable to dance or perform gymnastics for several months.

    • Juliette is a talented singer/songwriter. In January of 2007 Juliette recorder several new songs/demo tracks for her album.

    • Prior to Juliette's appearance on Joan of Arcadia, the producers were unsure if the idea of one God taking many forms would work on screen. Juliette first appeared as Little Girl/God on episode 2, and the moment they saw her on screen, they knew the premise would work. The mixture of young innocence and other-worldly knowledge showed the producers/creators that it would be believable that many different actors/actresses could play the same God.

    • In Spring 2006, Juliette got her ears pierced. The earrings she wears during her role as Hanna West on CSI were clip-on's, but the earrings she is wearing in her 2006 headshots are with pierced ears. In Spring 2007 she let the holes grow in and so can no longer wear pierced earrings.

    • For her role as Becca Jerome on the Fox Suspense/Drama "Vanished", Juliette was asked to rinse her hair to a darker brown. The actress playing her sister, Sara Collins, on the show has very dark brown hair. With her hair rinsed, Juliette fits more as a relative. The color only lasts until she next washes her hair, so this is something she does before each day on set.

    • Juliette was cast in the role of Becca Clavidish in the Disney Comedy "Havershame Hall"

      The pilot was filmed in November/December 2005, but the show was never picked up by Disney (Sept 2006)

    • Juliette's first audition and role was in Garfield: The Movie. She beat out a room full of young girls for the role. She was 7 at the time, but due to the complex computer generated effects needed for the movie, it did not reach theaters until she was almost 9.

    • One of Juliette's first feature film role was as Jenny in "Crazylove". In it's first airing on Lifetime her lines were cut for time, but all more recent airings of the movie include her two scenes (one at the beginning of the movie and the second at the end) A DVD of the movie is in the works for Region 1 players.

    • Juliette was cast in the CBS comedy "Washington Street".
      The pilot was filmed in February of 2005 on the Warner Brothers Lot but the show was never picked up.

    • Outside of Acting, Juliette is also an excellent singer. She has been part of many events in her community by providing the entertainment.

      She has shown off her singing skills in 2004's "Diva's Simply Singing" event in Southern California

    • In 2004 she played Colleen O'Brian in the TV movie "The Long Shot: Believe in Courage". She guest starred as Joanie on "Two and a Half Men" for 2 episodes, and she played the role of "Little Girl God" on TV's "Joan of Arcadia", having appeared in 8 episodes at the time the show was canceled. (April 2005). She had a small role as "Little girl" in the film Garfield: The Movie. She has played Sierra in "That's So Raven" in two episodes in Season 3, "Stark Raven Mad" and "Opportunity Shocks" .

  • Quotes

  • Indeed vary creepy in CSI but her apperance in Ugly Shows that she can do much more

    When i watched the recent episode of Ugly Betty i thought "Hey i have seen that girl before" and i just couldent figuer it out.. it was only after i got on this site that i realised that she played the evil teen-super-genius killer on CSI, which she did so well. i mean the secens with her and Sarah was pure gold. i remember when i watched the two episodes she was in i could just feel myself hateing her Character.. But her role on UB just shows that she pretty much can play everthing.. even though here role wasent that big.. I hope she can keep getting parts and maybe develop into bigger roles as she gets oldermoreless
  • Creepy in CSI!!!

    Juliette Goglia's performance in last night episode of CSI, "the Unusual Suspect," was great. Miss Goglia did a great job as the ultra gifted, ultra creepy murder suspect. She even upstaged the rest of the cast.

    Miss Goglia captured the matter of fact sociopathic nature of her character, at times appearing deeply caring, other times seeming indifferent, and always in complete control of everything going on around her. I hope that we see more of this talented young actress in the future, maybe on one of the other CSI franchises since her story in Las Vegas has been told.

    Good luck, Juliette!moreless