Julito McCullum

Julito McCullum

Birth Name

Uriel De-jesus Amanza-McCullum



Also Known As

Uriel Mccullum
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Trivia and Quotes

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  • Give Julito a t.v. show cause he is doing well and deserves a t.v. show because his fans love him like me and when he's gone I'm wondering where is Julito is he coming back will I see more of him beleive it or not I do think these things.moreless

    What I think of Julito McCullum is that he is a great actor and I would like to see more of him. He is also handsome at the same time so that way I get two things out of it looking at him and being entertained by him, all in one. I have seen him on \"The Wool Cap", \"Miracle's Boys", and Shoe Commercials for Micheal Jordan shoes. I think he should have his own t.v. show because I would watch it and I\'m sure other people would too so I say \"Big ups to Julito McCullum we Love u."moreless