Junko Takeuchi

Junko Takeuchi


4/1/1980, Kanto, Japan

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Junko Takeuchi is a female Japanese voice actress or better known as a seiyû. She voices many known anime characters such as Naruto (from the anime NARUTO) and Gon from HunterXHunter. She was born in Saitama in the Kanto region of Japan.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Junko Takeuchi: Female Uzumaki

    Junko Takeuchi is an amazing voice actress, with a great talent. She voices Uzumaki Naruto, and does it perfectly.

    I never thought it was a woman that voiced Naruto, so I was really impressed when I realized it was a woman! She's definitly awesome, I love her voice.

    Her voice is catchy, deep, overwhelming actually. She's so versatile! And she also can sing fairly ;)

    Naruto's voice in part I and in part II suffered a change (since he has grown), and she did it amazingly ;) What can I say more? She's perfect for the role, she's most talented, along with the rest of Naruto cast. I love japanese!moreless
  • She does the voice of Naruto Uzumaki.

    She's a talented voice actress she was chosen to voice on Masashi Kishimoto's seires Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden not only is she the voice of Naruto she also is the voice of Kiba's dog Akamaru and still Naruto is older but is still voiced by a woman to fit his pure hearted nature she does wonderful as Naruto she was chosen to voice act really good for this woman a very talented woman I have also watched Hunter x Hunter and she doe's good as Gon I wonder what other roles she could maybe do in the future I wonder why no one else has reviewed her.moreless