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    • Jurnee Smollett:(About meeting Henrietta Smalls, her character in "The Great Debaters") here were so many things that she said to me, like she really, really wanted me to get the fact that how important education was for them. Education, she said, was the death of mental slavery. That, to me, was such a powerful statement. Mental enslavement, meaning we could be emancipated for a while, but if we are still buying into the propaganda that we're fed on a daily basis and we don't ask why - you know, my mom always says you got to ask why. Got to ask why. What are you doing this? So for me, it's about that. It's about asking why. It's about putting yourself in a position where you're forced to grow. You know, where it's like out of your comfort zone. I mean, through this film, we all grew as actors. We grew as human beings because this wasn't something that was in our comfort zone, you know.