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  • He's a completely gay guy.

    He acts like a girl and failed to look more like a boy. He's Miley Cyrus' clone.
  • Justin Bieber shouldn't be thrown in jail. He should be killed by the electric chair, then get raped and crushed by Cthulhu.

    Words cannot express how much I hate this pop singer. I never liked him then, and I still don't like him now. Seriously. Any of the songs he sings is ear torture and makes me want to throw my radio out the window. At first, he was an annoying child who sounds totally girlish. Now he's an annoying douchebag who even make people like Kevin Federline spit in disgust. And the most annoying thing besides him is his fanbase. Whenever something bad happens to him like getting thrown in jail, the diehard fans think he is innocent and that the police officers are mean and do anything to release him. ANYTHING. Justin Bieber was drunk drag racing on an open road, people! Thousands of innocent people could have been killed on that road! How would you like it if you're mom or dad were on that road that Justin Bieber was driving on? Would you support him then? My point is that Justin Bieber is a bad singer. Listen to the Beatles or the Rolling Stones instead of this s**t.
  • why you hate on him ?

    you hate him because he's got everything. he is rich and get whatever he wants, he's got a lot of fans, he is famous, while you do not. to be honest, even if you say that's not, but it is a fact.
  • When I first heard "Baby", I thought a girl sang it

    Seriously, Justin Bieber sings like a girl. When I first heard his songs, I thought it was a girl who sang it until someone told me it was him. it when It makes my ears hurt. Plus he is a bad influence on people. He smokes, has gone to jail ( and somehow got released ), he takes illegal drugs, and so many more things that wouldn't fit on this review. Justin Bieber sucks.
  • Worst Music Ever!!!

    Justin Bieber is a Horrible Singer who Sings like a Girl!! How can Girls like him?! And how did he get a Horrible Movie called: ''Never Say Never''?!
  • Justin Bieber Music Videos Wikia


    Please visit this site, it has Justin Bieber's music videos and please watch them!!!!!
  • Why would girls cut themselves because he was smoking weed?

    I thought cut4bieber was fucking ridiculous. Justin Bieber can't sing and he's a bad actor. I only liked him in CSI because his character gets shot and dies. Why can't he just end his career. as for cut4bieber, I thought that was stupid and ridiculous. girls are gonna hurt themselves because he's smoking weed? Don't harm yourself just because some talent-less boy is smoking weed. Just let him do whatever he wants, Jesus Christ. If he wants to harm himself and get in trouble with the law, let him be. don't harm yourself because this guy is smoking weed. so all in all, I hate Justin Bieber, his music sucks, I could probably do better than him.
  • Perfect example of why music sucks today.

    Oh boy..... where do I begin? Justin Bieber is one of the worst singers I have ever seen. He is a crystal clear example of why music is as awful as it is currently. He's proof that they'll just take any random person off the street, give him autotune, and try to pass him off as an AMAZING singer. The lyrics in his songs are ridiculously horrific and repetitive, and his voice.... oh God, his voice. His voice is so annoying, so grating, so laughably bad. Most of his songs use autotune, but even that can't save him. Seriously, what was Usher thinking when he brought this kid in? The kid just fails at pretty much everything he does. I still can't believe they made a movie on this talentless kid. Which brings me to another point. He's supposedly 17, yet he still sounds like he's 10?

    The only thing worse than Bieber himself is his fans, but that's another story. I could go on for days ranting about his fans. Oh, and Rebecca Black.

    Hopefully, Bieber will fall into obscurity in the near future, because the good thing about singers like him is that their fame doesn't last long.
  • A fan to JUSTIIIIN

    I love you so much. My biggest dream is to meet you. I'm your biggest fan

    Seriously, who wants to hang out with this guy? THIS GUY SUCKS! The musice he writes sucks, he sounds like a girl, and his fans are little bratty girls. I am sorry but, this. guy. is. a. disgrace. to. modern. music. You thought Hannah Montana and The Jonas Brothers singing were bad? This is really bad! The music makes my ears bleed! I also bet every one who makes a positive review of him are fangirls telling us to leave them alone. Overall, stay away from this guy.

    Final Score: 1.0

    Grade: F
  • Justin

    He sings like a complete girl, and he has no real talent. I mean, we've all heard the saying "Never say Never", and Justin wrote a song about it, so that clearly WASN'T creative. And I don't know why all you girls like him so much, he isn't all that great. Justin's a rich kid, and real snob in real life. I've seen a few YouTube videos of fans saying "hi" to him, and hoping that he would at least say "hi" back in comments, because I think we know that he has a YouTube account. At least his "so-called" girlfriend, Selena Gomez, said "hi" back to her fans and talk to them on the phone, I've seen videos of Selena calling her fans back when she couldn't get to them at the time they actually called, and that is so sweet. At least Selena is stuck up and doesn't ignore her fans and actually talks to them, even if it's over the phone.
  • for the fangirls, this is for posting your reviews, not spamming your link or putting a plain compliment.

    This person is really annoying in everything. His songs, the fangirls, almost everything he's on! He has a nazi fanbase which makes this 10x more annoying, and they'll bash you around for your disliking opinion. These kids around needs to lose their PC until they mature up. Oh, it's not natural as males over 13 gets a lower pitched voice, and it goes lower as it goes older. How old is he again? Oh. 18.

    Bottom line: They said NSYNC will last forever. They also said it on Justin Bieber, but NSYNC didn't lasted for plenty years.
  • I Don't Think He's So Bad.

    Personally, I heard some of his videos on Youtube, and I frankly don't think that he's so bad. As a matter of fact, I think that he is pretty good for a pop singer. Even though my brother does not think very much of him, my ten year old neice is a very big fan of his. I sent her the links of three of his videos, and I got her the documentary of his concert. Besides, he seems like a very nice guy to me.
  • JUSTIN BEIBER FAN !!!!!!!!!

  • I don't know how he became a pop teen sensation... I really don't.

    I dislike Justin Bieber so much. I do not know why girls like him so much. There are better pop teen sensation than pop teen singer named Justin Bieber. I don't know how he even got his own movie "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never". Also, he stole that never say never message. We all heard the message "Never Say Never" before Justin Bieber even came to become a pop singer. This teenager is not inspirational at all. I don't know how girls find this guy so inspiring... I'm sorry Justin Bieber fans but this is what I think. His pop music is so annoying especially "Baby" and now that he is getting older... his voice is starting to change which is making his music sound different. This teenager doesn't even look like he cares about his fans. All he cares about is money and getting fame. I also heard that Justin Bieber is a snob... I watched some clips of him and whenever some fans would keep saying hi to Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber would just ignore those fans. If a music artist really cared about his fans, he wouldn't ignore them. I think this teenager is complete show-off who doesn't care about his fans. Overall, Justin Bieber is one of the worst and uninspiring singers ever (sorry if I offended any Justin Bieber fans). 1/10
  • Justin Bieber - The embodiment of what is wrong with music today.


    I don't really understand how Justin Bieber managed to become the teen pop sensation he is. His music sounds unoriginal (the lyrics even more so), and his singing voice can be easily mistaken for a female's when it's not being Auto-Tuned to oblivion. If anything, Bieber is proof of how shallow the music industry (and mainstream music in general) has become. Nowadays, it seems that anyone can make it into the Top 40, even if you don't have any talent whatsoever. All you need is Auto-Tune, and boom, you have a new hit single! But before I end up going on a tangent about music today, I (sadly) have to get back to Bieber.

    Like I previously said before, JB's music is unoriginal. In terms of background music, it's incredibly generic pop and R n B, with no spin on them whatsoever. In terms of lyrics... oh god. It's so bland, I can literally taste the colour beige when listening to them. All his songs are either about how Bieber can't get a girlfriend, or are about stereotypical teens who want to start relationships. Seriously, sing about something else for a change!

    His voice, like I said, can be easily mistaken for a girl's. I've read plenty of stories about people who've heard a JB record on the radio and first mistaking the singer for a girl. Personally, I don't blame those people, because in his older songs, he sounds like he hasn't even hit puberty yet. (Then again, I've heard from others that his voice is in fact, finally breaking...). And when he's not sounding feminine, his voice is being heavily distorted by Auto-Tune, to the point where he sounds almost like a robot.

    Yes, I know JB's the latest thing that's "cool to hate", but in all seriousness, Justin's one of the most overrated things on the planet right now. In a few years' time, his fans will have all grown up and moved onto the next biggest thing, with JB (hopefully) left behind in music history, into obscurity, like what happened with the Backstreet Boys. He also never deserved to get his own movie, "Never Say Never." The sooner he falls from grace, the better. For now, stay away from his music.

  • My second abysmal review and my first review on a person.


    OMG! To be honest, I think he's the worst singer ever!! I didn't know he used to be on YouTube. But anyway, Justin Bieber started on 2008, yet I didn't first heard anything about him until March 2010. Ever since then, I had been hearing constant conversation about Justin Bieber so many times!! If I were a girl I WOULD not say that Justin Bieber is not hot, cause that's gross! I have a lot of female friends at school that loves Justin freakin' Bieber. This is so F'ing BS! Can I just hear a girl saying that she hates Justin Bieber a lot. I had known like 4 girls that hate Justin Bieber and one of them is my best friend and I'm so glad for her. What pisses me off even more that I saw on Facebook that there's a few girls that replace their actual last name to "Bieber." This is what I'm talking about:

    Krystal Musquiz Bieber (One of my friends on FB, but I cannot believe every time she write her name, she includes Bieber just because she loves him a lot.)

    COME ON!! No one want to marry Justin Bieber! If they still got the news where Justin Bieber was identified as a 51 yrspedophile, the haters should have started a group and end this nonsense once and for all, then I'd be happy and free from that conversations of JB. If not, then I wanna go back to the early 2000s. Anyway, that's my review on Justin Bieber. I hope we get more girls hating on him. 1(even though I wish it 0.1/10)/10

  • Justin Bieber. Throwin out hits like craaazzyy!!

    Justin Bieber is a talented little boy. Thats fer sure. He has such amazing voice!! And hes throwing out hits like craazzyyy!! Im totally in love with "Stuck in the Moment" right now. That song is AWESOME. Hes just so talented. And Gorgeoouuss! Hes just TOO perfect!! Ya know? I went to one of his concerts the other day, and WOW. Seriously one of thee BEST moments of my life!! Hes purdy much amazing. He IS amazing.
    Hes EVERYWHERE. Everytime I turn on the radio, hes on. Everytime I turn on the TV, hes on there. Everytime I go and watch a video on youtube, NON Justin Bieber related, theres allllways a comment that has to something to do with Justin Bieber! Always!! Hes big. BIGGER than the Jonas Brothers, and thats Big.
    So its pretty much IMPOSSIBLE NOT to like Justin Bieber, when hes everywhere, and absolutly perfect.
  • If I could give a .5, I would give him/her less than that!


    What is the fascination with this guy? And I use that term loosely. When I first heard one of his songs, I honestly said, "Wow, this girl is terrible!" then I heard the name, and thought, "...".

    How he became famous is one of the many mysteries of the universe. His songs are generic, the music videos are lame, and he is highly overrated.

    He did not need a movie. I found the title rather amusing: "Never Say Never"; I found it funny because I said "I will Never see this movie!" And I didn't. And I am glad I didn't. Whoever agreed to do this movie represents the decline of Hollywood.

    I know this review is short, but I think I got my point across... Justin Bieber is not as great as everybody makes him out to be.

    1/10= 'Nuff said.

  • Is this really what popular music reduced to?

    To say that Justin Bieber is talented is the equivalent of saying that a lazy teenager would be an amazing role model for children. With that being said, Bieber is not talented. What I look for in a talented artist is at least they can sing music that I can listen to again at least one time while enjoying it. I didn't even get through one of Bieber's songs. I stopped right when it was deadbeat clear to me that Bieber's music wasn't catchy. The melody to the music was unbearable when put with the appropriate unbearable lyrics. Speaking of lyrics, Bieber's music mostly consists of Bieber wanting to find a girlfriend and the same stereotypical teen who wants nothing more than to start a relationship. Unless you are a female teen who also wants somebody who is desperately seeking for a relationship like Bieber, you will find these lyrics meaningless and forgettable. Do yourself a favor; don't listen to Bieber's music. The sooner Bieber's music stops recieving attention, the sooner we can have this untalented annoyance out of the music industry, or at least stop singing awful "music", if you can call it that.
    (I have to say this- I am not jealous for someone who cannot sing, beliebers. I am not jealous for someone who looks cute by your definition. If you want to argue with my opinion of Bieber, don't come with an invalid reason.)
  • Oh no!It's a male Miley Cyrus!

    I just wanna say this:Why Usher?Why would you turn him into an artist. Originally,I liked him,but now,I hate him. He was originally a Youtube star,and I have to admit,he was good on Youtube,but now Usher made him a star. And he can't sing! But girls don't care about that,they only like him because of his looks. He got so famous he was on CSI. Also,he was on SNL and many more.He was named MVP at NBA.WHAT?!He's a basket ball player now?And even worse,he won an award for best collaberation at the CMT music awards. Are you kidding me? Justin,you're a pop star,not a country star! He lost a Grammy to a person we never heard of,but people complained about it online. Also,he got a movie by Jon Chu. I thought the movie was good,but it was ruined by fangirls and Miley Cyrus.So in my opinion,Justin Bieber is a terrible artist and is the male Miley Cyrus.
  • neutral on him

    I don't think he deserves his own movie, but I certainly don't think he himself is all that bad. Granted I've only listened to a couple of his songs, but they aren't as bad as most would say. Are they great and catchy? Eh, debatable. Not really 'great' but kind of catchy. Are they terrible? Not even close. He's really not as bad a singer as most people would have you believe. He's not one of the best teen singers ever, but he isn't bad. He's probably average. I don't get why a lot of people feel the need to constantly rip on him a lot of the time. He does not deserve to be ripped on a lot, I do not think, especially by old people. He is a singer for teens and preteens, so I do not know why adults waste their time listening to him just so they can hate him. But whatever I guess. He's alright I'd say.
  • Four words: Doesn't. Need. A. Movie.

    This guy is the most overrated Hollywood nerd since the guy who played Edward in the freaking Twilight movie. Unlike him, and I pity him because he didn't even want to do the movie, Justin B. seems poised and made to make movies and songs. I got sick of him once I heard We Are the World (autotuned) for Haiti, would give him the opening verse. What was the point, anyway? Nothing, except people liked him and he was the next John Lennon. This, combined with the fact he has his own MOVIE coming up soon, tells me one important thing about Hollywood: they're idiots. I've heard his music, his music sounds like he's sucking on helium, and the autotune doesn't help.