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  • Perfect example of why music sucks today.

    Oh boy..... where do I begin? Justin Bieber is one of the worst singers I have ever seen. He is a crystal clear example of why music is as awful as it is currently. He's proof that they'll just take any random person off the street, give him autotune, and try to pass him off as an AMAZING singer. The lyrics in his songs are ridiculously horrific and repetitive, and his voice.... oh God, his voice. His voice is so annoying, so grating, so laughably bad. Most of his songs use autotune, but even that can't save him. Seriously, what was Usher thinking when he brought this kid in? The kid just fails at pretty much everything he does. I still can't believe they made a movie on this talentless kid. Which brings me to another point. He's supposedly 17, yet he still sounds like he's 10?

    The only thing worse than Bieber himself is his fans, but that's another story. I could go on for days ranting about his fans. Oh, and Rebecca Black.

    Hopefully, Bieber will fall into obscurity in the near future, because the good thing about singers like him is that their fame doesn't last long.