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  • Justin

    He sings like a complete girl, and he has no real talent. I mean, we've all heard the saying "Never say Never", and Justin wrote a song about it, so that clearly WASN'T creative. And I don't know why all you girls like him so much, he isn't all that great. Justin's a rich kid, and real snob in real life. I've seen a few YouTube videos of fans saying "hi" to him, and hoping that he would at least say "hi" back in comments, because I think we know that he has a YouTube account. At least his "so-called" girlfriend, Selena Gomez, said "hi" back to her fans and talk to them on the phone, I've seen videos of Selena calling her fans back when she couldn't get to them at the time they actually called, and that is so sweet. At least Selena is stuck up and doesn't ignore her fans and actually talks to them, even if it's over the phone.