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Justin Bradley

Justin Bradley


9/8/1985, Montreal Quebec, Canada

Birth Name

Justin Bradley



Also Known As

Justine Bradley
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His Career started off when he was 6 months old. He modeled for various department stare fliers ("Zellers") and from there he started doing TV commercials ("Danone Yogurt", "McDonald's" "Canadian Tire",) He has also filmed TV Series ("Lassie", "Are you Afraid of the Dark?", etc.) He has also…more


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  • He's a decent actor.

    He play sadie's brother Hal on a family show that comes on disney channel. Like most brothers he loves making his sister sadie mad or annoyed or just plain both. Then its times when he seems to care about her because deep deep inside all brothers do. I heard that he was the voice of artuher but i can't hear his voice being that low. Not to make fun of him or nothing but he has a huge head and the hair styles he be having do not be helping his situation at all if you ask me i mean its huge!moreless
  • one word:awsome

    i think this guy is really really good and no hes not fat and hes really hott too and has the best eyes...i love him! i think hes great in his show rite now and that show does need a bit more ""stuff"" but he does the trick i guess. hes the only reason i really watch that show otherwise it woould suck. i really really love this guy and is the main reason i even registered in the sitemoreless