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Justin Brown

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  • Justin Brown is by far the best thing on TV!!! The work, the fun, the anger, they all fall into place with him and he looks good in all situations. Nobody can be that good, but Justin. He needs one thing; ME!!!!!!!!!moreless

    Justin Brown is a talented, handsome, all around kind of guy. He is by far the best thing on TV. Justin is what TLC means to me. If not for him I would not even know what TLC was but the first time I saw the show I ran on by accident and there he was, though I got little footage of him I had to watch. He is a 'get it together and get your sh*t done' kind of guy. That is what I like in a man. Justin Brown is what every woman needs as a bed warmer.moreless
  • Justin Brown is my favorite person to watch on tv.

    Justin Brown is not only sexy, handsome and muscular, but he is the drywall king! I love his tough and get-the-job done attitude. The other thing I absolutely love is that as soon as he is anywhere near a child, he turns into a kid himself. He is my hands down favorite!! I would still watch the show, but I wouldn't be anywhere near as intriqued with it. Thank you Justin for coming along and enlightening us with your vast knowledge.moreless