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  • Diane Downs And Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Look Exactly Alike.

    i love u Justin Chambers
  • Can't believe how many kids he has.

    He is such a great actor.
  • Hot tamale!!!

    SOO sexy and so charming!! I love his character on Grey's Anatomy. I would like to see him in a movie playing another character to see his acting ablities. All we've really seen him do is Grey's and play the character Alex. I would like to see what else he has to offer Hollywood. Having said that I still think he is super hot and sexy and is a great addition to the Grey's Anatomy cast. I wonder if they will have his character Alex get back together with Izzy. They made one hot couple! Anyway, I like him I think he's hot. (Did I already say that? lol)
  • THE reason I love Grey's Anatomy

    I had never seen Justin Chambers before Grey's Anatomy, but now I'm definitely hooked. He is the number 1 reason I love Grey's Anatomy so much. Don't get me wrong, Grey's Anatomy is a great show, but he just gives that little bit extra. And it doesn't hurt that he's gorgeous, no wonder he used to be a model! I've loved his character since the beginning, even when he was being a jerk. You could always see there was more to him, that his nasty remarks and behaviour were all just an act. I'm glad the writers now give him the chance to show his caring side more and more. Still they should give Justin more storylines because he's a great actor and I love watching him. He has great chemistry with pretty much everybody on the show. He is a joy to watch. I also like that he seems to be a very nice guy who cares about his family. Normally I'm not a big fan of tattoos but he has the names of his 5 (!) children and his wife tattooed on his body... How cute is that? Anyway he's a great and gorgeous actor and he should get more screentime on Grey's Anatomy.
  • Spread the shine

    Oh my I just love him, I can't help it he's so cute. I wish his character would get more plot lines. I mean I'm ok with Meridith but should the whole show practically be about her? I just want to see MORE Justin Chambers is that too much to ask. Oh yeah, can we please have more sisters on there at least as nurses. I mean come on, ABC and Chaundra girl I'm glad you're doing your thing but now Greys is established please give a normal none attitude sister a job. Some of us are not all snappish and stuff
  • thank God he's on grey's

    i remember seeing his CK ads way back. that's when i was still using those as covers for my books. he's good looking and would at least cover the boringness of the book. i never knew he was an actor until i started watching grey's anatomy and he's become my favorite (even before eric dane came in). i believe that he's the more human intern among them all. he speaks what he thinks and doesnt like going round the bush like others doctors do. (even in real life, i hate when doctors say a lot of good things at first then break in the bad news.. id rather that they say the bad asap just like what he does) grey's anatomy has given him a big break for casting him as Dr. Alex Karev. the arrogant, mean intern. i loved it when Izzie saw the real him (except making out with the nurse). i know he's a good actor because when he first started in GA, everybody hated him. and it takes a lot to be that. i like the way he delivers his lines and shows the emotions of his character without really trying that hard. thank God he was on GA because another great actor is on weekly tv!
  • plain spoken

    I only know Justin Chambers in the context of Grey's Anatomy. Karev; the hard, cold, cruel intern that everybody loves to hate. The man who broke Izzie's heart and gave a nurse and O'Malley syphillis. But there's another side to Karev. Justin Chambers really understands that. A good actor doesn't read lines, he doesn't simply delive them. A good actor feels them, as though they were comin naturally from within. It's organic. And you can see it in a good actors eyes. Chambers is a good actor. His eyes tell a story that his mouth dare not say. Perhaps he has been horrible to Izzie and George and others; but the audience can tell that he cares in a subtle sort of way. He doesn't overact, and seems very honest and plain spoken of an actor. His actions said it all in the final episode when he lifted Izzie out of bed and into his arms. He cares.