Justin Chatwin

Justin Chatwin


10/31/1982, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

Birth Name

Justin Chatwin



Also Known As

Justin Chatwin
  • Jeremy Allen White, William H. Macy, Emm...
  • Justin Chatwin in Shameless Season 2.
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Justin Chatwin was born on Halloween of 1982. He has been on many shows and movies, but he is most recognized with his role in War Of The Worlds, starring as Tom Cruise's son, Robbie. The son of an engineer father and an artist mother, Chatwin was born…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • he is born on 31 october like me

    i like dragon ball the series ,i decided to go to see the movie,his role as goku was cgreat,specially when he uses"kami-hami-ha",but goku in series had more hair,lol.then i wanted to know about the movie and the actor on the net ,i found that justin was born on 31 /10 as me ,but iam in 1987 ,older than me by 5 years,he is cool,and seems to like doing fantasy movies or thriller,just like my movie types,may be because of the same zodiac and birthday.

    i hope him lot of success,and to meet him to tell him about our same birthday .moreless
  • Hey, I was in school with Justin. He was a great guy then and he is a great guy now. He is totally cute now and very talented. He is a great actor and I am very proud of what he has become. He is a great actor and very cute nowmoreless

    Justin is a very talented actor. He has gone a long way since he was a child in Kindergarten. He was my very first crush. He was the guy that I wanted to date all through elementry school. Now he is a very hansome actor who has done alot to get a proper start in the acting life. Justin is a great actor. In grade 10 we had Drama together and I loved acting with Justin. He is much better now though. Justin is a very talented actor. Everything that he acts in I like. Well for the most part. He got annoing in The war of the worlds but I think he was sopost to be. He was sopost to be a teenage boy and they all get annoing, LOL. To sum up, Justin is a great actor. I have nothing wrong with him and his acting.moreless