Justin Cooper





11/17/1988 , USA

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In his spare time, he enjoys karate, video games and adding to his extensive Elvis Presley collection.
This cute accomplished blond child performer began his career as a toddler, appearing in a 1993 episode of the ABC family sitcom "Full House". The following year, he landed a regular role as the youngest member of a family who moves in with his father's parents in the CBS sitcom "The Boys Are Back" (1994-95). Cooper then landed the recurring role of adoptee Lucas Jones, traumatized by his father's nervous breakdown, on the ABC daytime drama "General Hospital" (1996-98). He segued to the big screen as Jim Carrey's son who wishes his father would tell the truth in the hit comedy "Liar Liar" (1997) and landed the role of the troublesome towhead Dennis Mitchell in the straight-to-video sequel "Dennis the Menace Strikes Again" (1998). Cooper returned to primetime playing William Ragsdale's son on the ABC sitcom "Brother's Keeper" (1998-99).
on 11/17/88
Job Titles:
Sisters: twins; younger
1993 TV debut on an episode of the ABC sitcom "Full House"
1994 Had regular role of Nicky Hansen on the short-lived CBS sitcom "The Boys Are Back"
1997 Played Jim Carrey's son in "Liar Liar"
1998 Had title role in the direct-to-video release "Dennis the Menace Strikes Again"
Cast in recurring role of Lucas Jones on the ABC soap opera "General Hospital"
Played William Ragsdale's son in the ABC sitcom "Brother's Keeper"