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  • wow! this guy is just wow!! basically, he IS cbeebies! he is at least a voice on loadsa their progs, but you don't get tired of him!

    me and my daughter both love him t bits, and my girl is learning to sign because of him, which is helpful with my grandma being deaf! we are both glued to the screen when he is on and also have his CD (which I would tell anyone with a baby to get, just for number 8, 'That's Baby' - beautiful lullaby, even makes me nod off!!) and his DVD. Both are great, and he is constantly on in our house in one format or another!! Basically, Justin = God!! X X X X X X X X X Xmoreless
  • Justin Fletcher is one of the most entertaining children's presenter's I have ever had to watch. Endless hours of CBeebies becomes manageable when you get to see such comic genius at work.moreless

    I first saw Justin Fletcher in Cbeebies' Tikkabilla in 2005 when my son started watching TV, now he's not only a presenter on Tikkabilla but also hosts his own show Something Special, features as clown Mr. Tumble, and stars in Higgledy Piggledy House with Sarah Jane Honeywell (also of Tikkabilla fame). Even Chris Moyles can't get enough of Justin and when you've seen his monkey impression, you'll know why.

    He acts, he sings, he dances, he knows sign-language; Justin is funny beyond belief and, although he's excellent at it, is a wasted talent on Childrens TV. But, he loves what he does for a living, that much is obvious when you watch him on Cbeebies.

    My son loves Justin Fletcher and copies everything he does and says. My son now signs at me quite often, sings all Justin's songs and does a great monkey impression.

    My hubby and I can't help but laugh along when Justin's pulling faces, impersonating Steve Irwin and pretending to be covered in fleas.

    (Justin is also the voice of Jake in Tweenies, appeared on Fun Song Factory, and was Mr Jolly in the theatre production of Playdays).moreless