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  • Trivia

    • In March 2007, it was revealed that Justin used to spend more than $3500 a week on drugs. Justin revealed he spent huge amounts of money on his drug and alcohol addiction.

    • Justin achieved a National Diploma in Music Technology at Huddersfield Technical College.

    • Took part in the Band Aid 20 re-recording of "Do They Know It's Christmas?". [14 November 2004]

  • Quotes

    • Justin: (revealing the truth about his previous drug and alcohol addiction) I took a load of drugs. I would say that some weeks it was worse than that. I haven't touched a granule of cocaine or a drop of alcohol for months. In fact, I've given up smoking now as well. I'm not going to do anything that jeopardises my health. I didn't like it there. It's a dark place.

    • Justin: Noel Gallagher is an overrated guitarist losing grip on his credibility who just has to fire shots on his way down. It's kind of a shame, really.