Justin Lee Collins

Justin Lee Collins


7/28/1974, Bristol, United Kingdom

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Justin Lee Collins



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Justin Lee Collins is an English comedian, television and radio presenter from Clifton in Bristol. His distinctive West Country accent and "cave man" image are amongst his trademarks. He still lives in his native Bristol.

In 1990 Collins left school aged 15 with no qualifications and started…more


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    • Justin: My favourite radio programme was a late-night phone-in show hosted by Dave Barrett on GWR. On a Tuesday, he did a thing called Fun on the Phones and I would call in as a character. One night, he did a bit where he posed the question: "If you could go up in a hot-air balloon with a famous person, who would it be?" I called in and spoke in a high-pitched voice saying I wanted to go up with Bob Holness. I was trying desperately to be surreal because as a kid I loved Vic and Bob. The TV was on all the time when I was a kid. I loved The Twilight Zone and Channel 4 showed old episodes at the weekend.

    • Justin: My two favourite hosts from last series were David Tennant and Noel Edmonds, he was brilliant. Each series we do, the guests seem to be getting bigger and bigger.

    • Justin: Rock and roll!

    • Justin: (Referring to the worst part of his job) The uncertainty. In 2004, I did the crossover show for Strictly Come Dancing on BBC3, which changed my life - before that I was completely skint and my wife was paying every single bill.

    • Justin: I treat each sting like a job interview. You can't fake enthusiasm. I could try to, but you'd see through it. I have so much love for what I'm doing ...

    • Justin: (Referring to the best part of his job) I love the variety as I get bored really quickly. Over the past three months I've done The Friday Night Project; a show called The Convention Crasher (where I went to Florida to take part in an international convention for celebrity impersonators, as Tom Jones); and I've just come back from Los Angeles, where I reunited the cast of Dallas.

    • Justin: (When asked what inspired you to embark on a career in the media, he replied with) A simple craving for attention. I'm an only child, so growing up I was king in my house. I suppose I wanted that to continue.

    • Justin: Bad time. (Another of his many catchphrases)

    • Justin: Rock on!

    • Justin: Join a gym, go once, never again and then talk about it all the time. Result.

    • Justin: Good Times. (One of his many catchphrases)