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    • Justin: (on fellow Celebrity Survivor, Guy Leech) Guy's the most ambitious competitor I've ever met. Guy and I just shook hands and said, 'Hey, you're in it for you, I'm in it for me. May the best man win'. That's kind of the way it should be.

    • Guy Leech: (on fellow Celebrity Survivor, Justin) He was average to start with because he turned up unfit and overweight, but as he dropped the weight and was having to compete every day, he got tougher.

    • Justin: (on fellow Celebrity Survivor, Imogen Bailey) In the first challenge, I wanted to wring her neck because she couldn't get the chest out of the water. Then she changed. She became competitive and very strong.

    • Imogen Bailey: (on fellow Celebrity Survivor, Justin) He's got a black belt in karate and he was in the Australian ski team, so mentally he's extremely strong as far as competing goes. He's also a bit of a strategist and uses his good looks to charm you.

    • Justin (on appearing on Australia's Celebrity Survivor): I think being a professional athlete before being a professional actor has taught me a lot about constructive criticism, determination, discipline and self control. But I do love my food and I do love my chocolate. So this will be a test of my willpower!

    • Justin (on appearing on Australia's Celebrity Survivor): I have the sweetest tooth and I'm hypoglycaemic so I really do love my sugar kick. It keeps my orientation intact so this will be a real test as to whether I can overcome that psychological hardship. This will definitely also test the limits of my mind because food is a big part of my life. I have an Italian/Greek background and I love my food!

      It will also be really hard to live without my rest. I'm a bit of a homebody at heart so I do love jumping in my cosy bed and I love my soft pillow and comforter. That'll be the test. I mean, I can swim in the ocean, jump off the rocks, go fishing and climb up a tree – that'd be a no brainer for me. But at the end of the day, I love my sleep. And I'm not good at getting up in the morning.

    • Justin: (on appearing on "Celebrity Survivor") I don't camp. I go skiing, I go to the mountains, I go to lodges. I'm not a camper.