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    Certainly, Timberlake's movie agenda is more than a whim.

    Fresh from good reviews for his dramatic role in the Oscar-nominated The Social Network, he has focused on what he likes best: lines for laughs.

    "I just couldn't pass up these opportunities," he says of the roles. "I feel more comfortable on stage or in a studio, but I always like to try new things."

    The Pitch: Bad Teacher

    Bad Teacher has Timberlake playing a cute substitute teacher who becomes the object of affection for a foul-mouthed, hard-partying incompetent educator (Diaz) at a high school.

    Soon, she learns she has to change her brash ways to get the new guy. Jason Segel and Lucy Punch co-star.

    Hit or miss? Justin swings and rarely misses.

    The pitch: Friends With Benefits

    The R-rated Friends With Benefits is a great deal raunchier. Kunis plays a Manhattan corporate headhunter, who has a non-exclusive, sex-only relationship with a recent executive hire (Timberlake) until things get seriously complicated.

    Apparently, working with Diaz, his ex, on Bad Teacher, was a lot less intimidating than shooting Friends With Benefits sex scenes with Kunis.

    Hit or miss? Hit with SexyButt Timberlake


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