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  • Great singer/songwritter.

    Love him. He has my birthday too. Love NSYNC! Not the best actor but ok. Glad for him and Jessica.
  • Great Actor and Great singer


    Like I said,modern music sucks these days. However,not all modern music is bad. I do like a bit of Modern pop music. And this guy is basically one of the best pop stars these days. Justin Timberlake isn't the greatest artist ever,but he is still a good singer. He got his start in Mickey Mouse Club because well,a lot of celebrities got their start from there. He then was in Nsync,and he was good in there too. Now,he is a solo artist who actually can sing. Unlike the other Justin (Cough* Bieber),he actually has great music. Some of his songs like What Goes Around Comes Back Around and My Love are great. But not only can he sing,he can act. I thought he was great in The Social Network,and he was great voicing Boo-Boo from Yogi Bear and Artie from Shrek the Third. Overall,Justin Timberlake is a great person,and is better than a lot of terrible artists these days.

  • Just go away, leave us alone.

    Seriously. It really disgusts me all the attention he gets when even he has got to know that he is completly talentless. Worse then fingernails on a chalkboard. I mean seriously 5 years from now a song called "Sexy Back" is going to be just as much an embarassment as the song "Bye Bye Bye".

    Not to mention, if you ever listen to him try to speak a word, he is the most imature person ever, he really needs to grow up and stop thinking he is funny, needing complete attention on him 24/7.

    Seriously he needs to as well as others need to get over him. I'll give him a .1 only becuase I almost feel bad for him.
  • Handsome, Funny, and Charming.

    I think he's one of the greatest performers. He's talented and his personality makes him a better,sexier person. Since he was in NSYNC, he stood out from the group, which was my favorite boy band since I was younger. Justin has been singing and dancing since he was a little boy and he has awards to prove/ show this accomplishments. The group really changed history and won many awards for their talent. But, I'm glad he went solo. Timberland and Justin are a great combo that create hits right after another. His song are great and I can't wait until he comes out with another CD.
  • Loved him in nsync and even more when he became solo.

    Justin Timberlake was the main heart-throb in nsync and with the single "sexy back" he's been a sex symbol for decades. Probably for being more famous for being an great dancer. Videos of all kinds around the world. Relationships on blast because everybody loves Justin. After Britney broke up with him though, he never seem to be the same dude he was in the beginning. From Mickey's House of Mouse to nsync to solo artist to huge stars favorite performer to winning awards to always being listed in the media to being a huge part of music. Love you Justin, you rock my socks.
  • empty

    LUV JT! luved him for my whole life, luv his music, his looks, his voice and his attitude towards life! people who think he's just a rip-off or gay then they need to take a real closer look at JT for wat he's done to transform modern day pop!
    he rox my sox off!
  • OMG!!!!

    Justin Timberlake is very awesome . F**K mother.I really love him. He has a amazing voice . I love his songs , like summer love , Love stoned , sexy back , cry me a river , My love . That's Amazing . He is very very handsome .sexy ,hot , cool and cute . Thats why lots of people love him .Also I love has dance in his MV . My FRIENDS and I always follow his dance steps but we can't ^^ .I love Love stoned's MV . I love the slow part . He is so so so cute .
  • A great singer and also a great actor

    Justin hails from Memphis, Tennessee. He is a talented singer, and is now trying his hand at acting. He got his start on The Mickey Mouse Club, and then joined pop group *NSYNC with fellow Mousketeer J.C. Chasez. He released a successful solo album, "Justified," in 2002. He is currently dating actress Cameron Diaz, after an on/off again relationship with pop star Britney Spears. Justin had released his new album "FutureSex/LoveSounds" on September 12, 2006. From this album Justin has had five hit songs that made it to the top on the radios. First was "Sexyback" featuring Timbaland and is still playing on Kiss108. Second one was "My Love" featuring T.I & Timbaland, and the third one is "What Goes Around...". The fourth is "Summer Love" that is still popular on Kiss108, and Justin actually just came out with a new video "Lovestoned" that is his fifth hit song. He now is not dating Cameron Diaz.
  • Birth name Justin Randall Timberlake Born January 31, 1981 (1981-01-31) (age 26) Origin Memphis, Tennessee, USA Genre(s) R&B Pop Soul Occupation(s) Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Musician, actor

    Albums * 2002: Justified * 2006: FutureSex/LoveSounds

    Solo singles * 2002: "Like I Love You" (featuring Clipse) (#11 U.S.) * 2002: "Cry Me a River"(#3 U.S.) * 2003: "Rock Your Body"(#5 U.S.) * 2003: "Señorita" (#27 U.S.) * 2003: "I'm Lovin' It" * 2006: "SexyBack" (featuring Timbaland) (#1 U.S.) * 2006: "My Love" (featuring T.I.) (#1 U.S.) * 2007: "What Goes Around...Comes Around" (#1 U.S.) * 2007: "Summer Love" (#6 U.S.) * 2007: "LoveStoned" (TBA) * 2007: "Until the End of Time" (TBA)

    Featured singles * 2002: "Work It" (Nelly featuring Justin Timberlake) * 2003: "Where is the Love?" (Black Eyed Peas featuring Justin Timberlake) * 2005: "Signs" (Snoop Dogg featuring Charlie Wilson & Justin Timberlake) * 2007: "Give It to Me" (Timbaland featuring Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake) * 2007: "Night Runner" (Duran Duran featuring Justin Timberlake) * 2007: "Crowd Control" (with Nelly Furtado) * 2007: "AYO Technology" (50 Cent featuring Justin Timberlake & Timbaland)
  • Justin is the man, he is very talented and I don't know why alot of people don't like him because he is a solo artist. Justin deserves to be recognize and I am a big fan.

    Justin is very talented and I see the others on this site aren't giving him much love but he can sing, dance etc., he can do it all and I love his music. I do not know what more the man can do to make the whole world notice him, all I know is that I notice how great he is and ya'll should get with the program and notice his talents as-well. Justin CD's are great and I can't wait to hear some new music from him and I can't wait to see Justin on Tour. So go get you all his CD's.
  • Justin Timberlake is a decent decent singer.

    Justin Timberlake isn't bad.He became my favorite when he joined NSYNC.I got mad when he left to become a solo singer.Then I heard songs such as 'rock your body' which lasted a million minutes but had a great tune.Last year he made a song called 'Sexy Back'.He is not a very good singer but he has good tune and can rhyme well.The song I like the most is 'My Love'.I still got it stuck in my head.He has made many mistakes.Like leaving NSYNC,those silly dance moves,singing like a women,putting that dumb rapper in 'My Love annd letting him sing and that new song 'What goes Around' which is a stupid song.I would give him a mediocre but since I can say that he is too popular for NSYNC and he wrote 3 songs that are good he gets a 8.I will make further changes if anything good or bad happens.
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    Justin Timberlake is a pop legend to me as he comes out with so many hit pop songs which I listen to so many times when they are "in." He had 4 superb songs on his debut album like 5 years ago and now his second one carries on his worldwide success with songs like "SexyBack, My Love & What Comes Around..." I hope there will be more good stuff on the second. Just brilliant, a genious!
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    Yeah, Justin Timberlake is most famous for being in 'NSync and "The Mickey Mouse Club," but you have to admit that the man is extremely talented. Not only can he sing, but he can also act (very well, in fact) and play the guitar and piano. He certainly has a promising career in film.
  • Bringing sexy back? More like bringing sucky back!

    Justin Timberlake got famous for beign in a boy band! Now he thinks he's better then his band mates, and forgets all about them! He got rid of the afro, which he should of done in the first place, and claims to be bring sexy back. Justin Timerlake sounds like a little girl on helium! He's not even that good looking either! I've seen his acting in movies and tv shows, and thank god that she didn't convert to acting yet! I don't see what people see in him! He's unattractive, he's talentlees, and he's disrecptful to women!
  • Justin Timberlake Rox!

    He has totally made an incredable comeback. He started out with the Backstreet Boys and is now came back with the popular song, Sexyback. Justin Timberlake is the most popular artist in our school. For example, at the school dance, everyone was limping and barely dancing. Then Sexyback came on and everyones spirts lifted. Everyone got even more hype when My Love started. Now with What Goes Around Comes Back Around, its to be a sure fire hit. I just wish he would make more songs so he can become even more famous. He is my new favorite artist. :)
  • Justin Timberlake is... I have no clue, but, it\\\'s NOT good.

    I personally hate hate him. He should go out of business.He is...Wrong! His album, well, kinda sucks(a LOT)!When he sings, it doesnt sound very good and he sounds like he's trying too hard.His voice sucks and is LAME!He really is talentless and quite frankly, he should never go out in public ever again.I don't know why they let him make cds. He is so ugly too. he makes me gag, ugh.i think anybody could sing better than him.He always thinks he's the best, but he really isn't. Please, is you're reading this review and haven't listened to him yet, don't.
  • Can you say... Amazing?

    What can I say? "FutureSex/LoveSounds" is THE best album of 2006, "Sexyback" is THE song of 2006. He is one of the greatest muscians of our time. That is not his only advatage. Obviously, he is a handsome, sexy man. Though his movie(S) (That's right, plural!) have not been released yet, I have seen him act. He has done a made for television movie, television appearance, and Saturday Night Live. He's great. He is going to be a huge actor. Just youtube him, and you'll see some clips of his acting. He will be hosting SNL this week, and I could not be more excited. Go Justin!
  • A famous teen star!!!

    Justin has made a BIG comeback and a very sucesfull one! After a 3-4 yaer brake, he came back with new movies and a new CD. His new singles 'Sexy Back' and 'My Love' were huge hits! He also acted in movie 'Edison and a new movie 'Alpha Dog'. He will play with Cameron Diaz (his loved one) n 'Shrek 3'! He showed that he can act and sing! Way the go JT!!! ;)
  • My favourite singer!!!

    Justin Timerlake is sooo amazing!!!I love his music! I think that he is great. He can sing!!! He can dance!!! And it's not like MJ!!!!!!! OMG!!! he is sooo cute, and hot!!! I love his new album 'Future sex/Love sounds'. And my fav song from his new album is Sexyback (of course!!!)! ps: I think that if he is with Britney Spears in relationship, they would be great couple!!!!
  • I think Justin would be a good actor too. I like it when Ashton Kutcher punk'd Justin, that was a really good prank and it was funny. I wish that Justin and Britney would get back together, they were one of the best couples on celebrity grounds.

    Justin Timberlake is so handsome and very talented. He has some really good music and I like them. I always think that Justin and Britney were a very cute couple and that they were meant for each other which that never happened. He has really great moves and I love the way he dance.
  • What\\\'s the hype about JT? His voice is whiny. He dances like MJ in the 80s. He brags about doing drugs. He has no charisma. I find him quite plain, homely even. He left J. Jackson out in the cold like a scared little boy.I just do not see the appeal.

    What\\\'s the hype about JT? His voice is whiny. He dances like MJ in the 80s. He brags about doing drugs. He has no charisma. I find him quite plain, homely even. He left J. Jackson out in the cold like a scared little boy.I just do not see the appeal.
  • Zzzz...

    Justic as we all know came from the Mickey Mouse club... he can obviously sing... he had a band nsync or something with 4 other guys... he was abviously very popular... having a boy band when boy bands where on top. The band split up and he had his album... it was horid... really bad... then he took off Janet Jackson's top... why must he torture the world? Anyway... he has a new album slightly better tha his first one but it still reaks... he is obviously over rated and his song shave no meaning nothing at all! Overrated is right!
  • He is absolutely brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He is really hot and atractive(i am a guy but i don\'t mind saying good things about other guys) and one of the most talented around, every cd is completely different unlike some other singers!!
    His new cd is complteely unexpected ( ex: Sexy back, is completely different!!)!!!!
    Other people should try and be more like him (music-wise and personality and looks!!!!)

    Anyway i hope most of you agree with me if not it doesn\'t matter, i just thouht i\'d speak my mind!!

    I don\'t know what else to say i\'m just trying to fill up the 100 words!

    Hope you like this review!!!
  • Don't get me wrong

    Don't get me wrong, but justin's just another white boy trying to be black, it's nothing new. Trust me I know I'm black. I think for hotness he's a 7 he's ok, but Usher is way better and can dance better. If I had to say the one person I would like him to hook up with is Christina Ricci, not Aguilera, but Ricci. Yes, I said Christina Ricci. He should dump Cameron she's nothing but white trash and is old.
  • Justin Timberlake is won of the hottest men alive!

    Justin Timberlake is won of the hottest men alive! He is extremly talented. He was in the band *NSYNC that eventually became the top bad in ther late 90s early 2000s. He then became a solo artist. He is one of the best singers out there not to mention a good dancer. And his body is amazing. he is very talented in the music area but is now switching over into acting. He will appear in the movie called edison. you would not beileve how hard it is to have 100 words. I said everything there is to be said!!!
  • hello..

    I think this man is must be a good person. He\'s young and successful. He has this realization of God in his life and I can feel how grateful he is for every blessing he has right now. I believe there\'s more to Justin that meets the eye..I wish I\'d have a chance to know him better..