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  • Great Actor and Great singer


    Like I said,modern music sucks these days. However,not all modern music is bad. I do like a bit of Modern pop music. And this guy is basically one of the best pop stars these days. Justin Timberlake isn't the greatest artist ever,but he is still a good singer. He got his start in Mickey Mouse Club because well,a lot of celebrities got their start from there. He then was in Nsync,and he was good in there too. Now,he is a solo artist who actually can sing. Unlike the other Justin (Cough* Bieber),he actually has great music. Some of his songs like What Goes Around Comes Back Around and My Love are great. But not only can he sing,he can act. I thought he was great in The Social Network,and he was great voicing Boo-Boo from Yogi Bear and Artie from Shrek the Third. Overall,Justin Timberlake is a great person,and is better than a lot of terrible artists these days.