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    • Justin's wife Sophie struggled with bulimia for years.

    • Justin has two siblings. His youngest brother Alexandre "Sacha" and his half-sister Sarah who is the daughter of Deborah Coyne.

    • Justin won the "lottery" for January 2009, it was his first. The draw is to present the next time slot to introduce a new bill or motion in the Canadian Parliament. It is the first time, Mr. Trudeau was eligible for the draw since he is a new MP, some elected officials wait for years and years for the chance.

    • Justin's mother, Margaret Trudeau, suffers from bipolar disease.

    • In an October 2008 poll, Justin came first as the choice most Canadians of any political party and most age groups would want as the next leader of the federal Liberal party. (Ipsos Reid.

    • Former MP for Papineau Vivian Barbot said after Justin's victory in 2008, that the fact that Pierre Elliot Trudeau was Justin's father influenced the vote in his favor.

    • In 2000, Justin gave the eulogy at his father's funeral. The beautiful testimony Justin gave to his father Pierre Elliot Trudeau sparked members of the Liberal Party of Canada to start seeing Justin's as a dauphin (heir apparent) to the former Prime Minister's political career.

    • In 2007, while chief of the Liberal Youth Task Force, Justin gave his support to Gerard Kennedy during the race for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada. The win for the leadership eventually went to Stéphane Dion.

    • Justin's wife Sophie Grégoire is a television personality. She works for etalk Television a television program who airs on the Canadian channels CTV and Star.

    • Prior to launching his bid to become deputy of Papineau in 2008, Justin was still handling his own Public Relations.

    • On October 18, 2007, Justin and his wife Sophie welcomed their first child into the world, Xavier James Trudeau.

  • Quotes

    • (Describing what kind of father Pierre Elliott Trudeau was in the Eulogy Justin gave at his father's funeral)
      Justin: He loved us with the passion and the devotion that encompassed his life. He taught us to believe in ourselves, to stand up for ourselves, to know ourselves and to accept responsibility for ourselves. We knew we were the luckiest kids in the world. And we had done nothing to actually deserve it.

    • (Commenting just before Canadian parliament was prorogated in December 2008)
      Justin: Mr. Harper is threatening to prorogue Parliament which is akin to pulling the fire alarm before you go into an exam you know you're going to fail.

    • (Responding to comments that his father would turn in his grave because the Liberals were trying to form a goverment of coalition which would have had the support of the separatists in late 2008)
      Justin: My father sat down and negotiated many times with Rene Levesque on issues, not always successfully, but there was an openness to respecting other people's points of view if we can work together for common causes. So they're forgetting what my father stood for when they try to attack me ... But I don't need to defend my father. History does a very good job of that itself.

    • (On comparing the different policies of the Leaders of the Bloc Québécois and Conservative Party concerning Canada's political debate on the unity of the country)
      Justin: The fact that Mr. Duceppe is bringing up again the nation question, that Mr. Harper even is bringing up national unity... for me those are two great examples of politicians who are getting a little bit desperate and who are trying to play what works for both of them very well, which are the politics of division. It's finding out where the differences are between people, playing on those, driving wedges between different communities. And that's not a game that the liberal party plays and it's not a game that I particularly like to play.

    • (In his first public statement made to Justin's supporters in his office after the victory in Papineau)
      Justin: Canada once again chose to tell Stephen Harper 'we just don't trust you with a majority. You've hired me to do a job ... and I promise you all here and now that I will not let you down.

    • (Answering a question on how his father would have run the 2008 election if he had been the leader of the Liberal Party at the time)
      Justin: In terms of what my father would have done in this particular situation, I'll leave that to academics and historians to try and imagine. That's not my job. What I know is what I learned from my father and what I'm doing in this election... There's a trust in Canadians that I know my father passed on to me that he passed on to the entire Liberal Party, and that's really the trust that we're building with Canadians.

    • (On why he has decided to enter politician life)
      Justin: I came into politics because of my frustration with the lack of involvement of youth. I've spoken to some young people in the party who are some of the stodgiest people I have ever seen. And I've spoken to some genuine risk-takers who are elder statesmen.

    • (Reacting to Michael Ignatieff, the MP for Etobioke-Lakeshore, stand on the status of Quebec within Canada)
      Justin: He perhaps has intelligence, but he perhaps doesn't have the necessary wisdom.