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Justine Bateman


2/19/1966, Rye, New York

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Justine Bateman was raised in a show business family. She is the daughter of Kent Bateman, an established Film producer, and Victoria, a flight attendant. Her brother Jason Bateman is also a successful actor/producer.

Appearing in amateur and professional theatre starting at age 11, her first regular television…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • While Justine was pregnant with Gianetta, Justine was "addicted to TV." One of her favorite shows was 24.

    • Justine was pregnant with Gianetta when she filmed The Hollywood Mom's Mystery.

    • Before entering the design business, Justine's hobbies were pottery and knitting. It was her proficiency at knitting that resulted in her opening Justine Bateman Designs.

    • Justine appeared in at Berkeley Repertory Theater, replacing Rebecca Schaeffer, who was murdered.

    • Justine's first film, Satisfaction, also featured then unknowns Liam Neeson and Julia Roberts.

    • Justine hosted a video marketed for teens: How Can I Tell if I'm Really in Love?

    • Justine is a licensed pilot, a certified scuba instructor, and a self-confessed Internet junkie.

    • Justine was nominated for a Golden Globe award for her work in Right to Kill?

    • Justine got an Emmy nod for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series in 1985-6, and again in 1986-7.

    • Justine began doing commercials at age 15.

    • Justine runs her own fashion designer company, Justine Bateman Design, from which she designs under the name 'Bad Baby Boy.'

    • Justine graduated from Taft High School in Woodland Hills, California in 1984.

    • Justine's mother is Maltese-American.

    • Justine accompanied her brother Jason to his Family Ties audition, and won the role of Mallory Keaton on the show.

    • Justine grew up in New York, Massachusetts, Utah, and California. She states she didn't "grow up anywhere, so much as everywhere."

    • Justine worked at the YMCA in Los Angeles as a Counselor.

    • Justine married Mark Fluent in January 2001 and have one son, Duke Kenneth Fluent, born 18 June 2002, and one daughter Gianetta, born January, 2004. Justine and Mark met in High School, but "we both had to live a life first and then get together."

    • Justine was nominated for a Young Artist Award in 1984 for Family Ties. She won her only Young Artist award in 1985 for Family Ties.

    • Justine once dated singer Leif Garrett, rocker Billy Idol, sound mixer Bobby Anderson, and actor Scott McGinnis. Her interests shifted from McGinnis to Garrett when Garrett attended a ski trip which McGinnis organized, but didn't show up for.

  • Quotes

    • Justine Bateman (on her designing clothes when her daughter becomes a teen): Maybe. Or maybe she'll hate me. Isn't that the time you turn on your mother? I'm going to be in another city when my kids are teenagers. I'll be like, "Give me a call when you're done with all that."

    • Justine Bateman: I made [Courtney Love this spider-web sweater. It has a very irregular knit with elasticized wool so it looks like a shriveled wool torn-apart sweater for an eight-year-old. But when you stretch it over your torso, it looks really neat. When I got into [designing], there were just a few celebrities doing a clothing line. I think Kathie Lee Gifford had a line at Wal-Mart, and Monica Lewinsky had a line of handbags.

    • Justine Bateman: The cast [of Men in Trees] is full of really neat people. Like Emily Bergl- she has a fondue club. They get together and make fondue and share recipes. The last time I talked to her, she was like: "Can I call you right back? I'm brewing beer." She was brewing beer in her house! And John Amos? He's so cool, a legend. He lives on a boat in Mexico.

    • Justine Bateman (on Lynn's character being part of the script months before she appears): Yeah. Sometimes in theater, they'll talk about your character a lot before you enter, but that rarely happens in television. Lynn was mentioned in almost every episode up until I came in [last November]. Lynn had the best intro of any character I've ever had.

    • Justine Bateman (on how she got the role of Lynn on Men in Trees): This is going to sound is made-up, but I was on an airplane and [creator] Jenny Bicks was also on the plane. We didn't have a conversation. She saw me, called my agents and said, "Oh, can she play Lynn?"

    • Justine Bateman: I found the highest high by hitting the lowest low.

    • Justine Bateman (on playing parts more low-key than Mallory Keaton) I really like the anonymity that I enjoy now. It's much more relaxing, but I do miss the opportunities that come with having a hit show. I don't see who wouldn't. You have a lot more opportunities when you're on a hit show. That was a different time. If that show was popular now, I would have a lot more opportunities than I did back then.

    • Justine Bateman (on working with George Hamilton in Hollywood Mom's Mystery) I had a couple of scenes with him. He's a funny guy. I love working with people who have careers that span decades. It makes it interesting, to listen to all their stories.

    • Justine Bateman (on progressing from teenager to adult in the public eye) I think to be in the public eye from 16 to 23 is a really weird moment because that's the time somebody's discovering what kind of adult they are in society. I think to do that while people are watching — and watching so critically — really makes you too self-conscious and makes you question what you're doing and doubt what you're doing, instead of exhibiting yourself as you are ... To be able to do that while enduring criticism for it makes you pull away.

    • Justine Bateman: ...when they'd say, "You look anorexic," I'd take it as a compliment.

    • Justine Bateman (on her dedication to the TV show 24) I think the writing is fantastic. I'm an absolute fan of Kiefer Sutherland. I know Kiefer, and I think he's fantastic.