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    • A special behind the scenes interview with Juul appears on the SCTV Volume 2 DVD.

    • Achieved a 'cult celebrity' when he appeared on Season 4 of SCTV as the leader of the Juul Haalmeyer Dancers, made up of terribly bad crew members who really didn't know how to dance.

    • Juul has been offering specialized costume services to the film and television industries for years, most notably known for his work on the SCTV Television series. Following SCTV, he has gone on to provide the wardrobes for countless film and TV shows, including the 1999 Emmy award winning PBS series "Noddy" (Best Costume Design/Styling). Juul Haalmeyer Designs Inc. is also known as "Homemade Tarts", and he is available to the film & TV trade by appointment only at 416-504-5646. Homemade Tarts is located in downtown Toronto.

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