Kady Malloy

Kady Malloy


Katy, Texas

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Kady Alexis Malloy



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Katy Malloy, Katie Malloy
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Kady Alexis Malloy, born on May 9th, 1989 in Katy, Texas but now resides in Houston, Texas, is an American Idol Season 7 contestant who made the top 24. She was eliminated on March 7, 2008 covering 16th/15th/14th/13th place.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • She was really good friends with Danny Noriega, Ramiele Malubay, and Colton Berry on American Idol.

    • She did not think the audition process for American Idol was fair because so many great people were cut. She was upset.

    • If she could change one thing about herself, she would like to be more graceful and less clumsy.

    • The toughest obstacle in her life is growing up. She wants to stay a kid forever.

    • She can sing opera.

    • The proudest moment in her life is singing for her friends and family during graduation.

    • If she couldn't sing, she would like to model, so she could get paid for looking good.

    • She thinks people would be surprised to know that she has crooked pinkies and she is afraid of the dark, in fact she sleeps with the lights on.

    • Her lucky charms are nine rings that she regularly wears and her grandmother's gold watch.

    • In Hollywood week (backstage) of "Idol", when she was battling out her nerves, she was singing Britney Spears with other contestants.

    • She says that her friends would be surprised that she owns the Labrynth movie soundtrack with David Bowie.

    • She wants to make her own animal rescue shelter and she also wants 5 kids.

    • Before she performs, she always says a prayer and jump up and down and go crazy, to let her nerves loose. She also gives herself a speech.

    • List of Songs Sung on American Idol

      Auditions (1/16/08): Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers
      February 20, 2008 - A Groovy Kind of Love by the Mindbenders
      February 27, 2008 - Magic Man by Heart
      March 5, 2008 - Who Wants to Live Forever by Queen
      March 6, 2008 - Who Wants to Live Forever by Queen (Eliminated)

    • She released a Demo CD in 2006. The songs were written and produced by Nick Trevisik and Paul Gurvitz. Here are the songs:

      Nobody Knows (3:23)
      Unwanted (3:04)
      Beyond the Wall (4:00)
      Wish You the Worst (3:13)
      It's Automatic (3:58)
      Find the Time (3:37)
      Don't Freak (3:50)

      Pre-Idol Studio Recorded Cover Songs

      My Immortal (Evanescence Cover)
      Foolish Games (Jewel Cover)
      Fields of Gold (Sting Cover)

    • Kady has a tattoo of an eighth note on her hip.

    • Kady currently (Feb. 2008) has a boyfriend named Parker.

    • She has a brother named Cody.

    • Kady's biggest inspiration is Eva Cassidy.

    • Her fans call themselves, "Kady's Kadets."

    • She attended James E. Taylor High School.

    • Although we saw her at her audition, we didn't see her much at all during Hollywood week.

    • Although her audition was on TV on January 16, 2008 she auditioned on August 6, 2007.

    • She was 18 years old when she auditioned for American Idol.

    • Kady thinks she is a mixture of Kellie Pickler and Sanjaya Malakar, both from American Idol.

    • Although she can vocally impersonate him, she doesn't know the name of the lead singer from Rascal Flatts.

    • She has a Myspace.

    • Kady actually released an album awhile ago. Unfortunately, songs from the CD have been whitewashed from the Internet, likely by American Idol higher-ups.

    • The main song she sang at her audition was Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers.

    • She wants to be the next American Idol so that she can help people with her music.

    • Her most embarrassing moment on stage was when she was in high school and she tripped over the microphone chord and the microphone fell and it made that screeching noise.

    • Her most interesting job is when she worked at a studio in Houston, she got to hear bands perform and helped people out and helped them sing.

    • Her mom once wanted her to be a nurse, but she says that she can't deal with blood or any medical stuff.

    • Kady has a chihuahua named Peanut and another dog named Griffin.

    • She works with Nick Trevisick, who is a producer and writer for famous singers such as Mandy Moore and Natalie Imbruglia.

    • Simon Cowell said that Kady is "super, super talented" and also said that she was "the best so far."

    • She says that she is a pretty good actress.

    • Her audition number for American Idol was 16874.

    • During her audition, she made a musical impersonation of Britney Spears by singing I'm Not a Girl and also sang some of Carrie Underwood's Before He Cheats.

    • Her idol is Freddie Mercury.

    • Favorites:
      Male Artists: Freddie Mercury, Rod Stewart, Elton John, Billy Joel, Robert Plant, and Mikey Jackson.
      Female Artists: Britney Spears, Eva Cassidy, Dolly Parton, Leona Lewis, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, the Spice Girls, and Beyonce.
      Quote: "Carpe diem."
      American Idol Judge: Paula Abdul because she thinks she is cute and fascinating.
      American Idol Moment: When Carrie Underwood sang, Cryin and anytime Bo Bice was on screen.

    • She started taking singing lessons when she was about 13 years old.

    • She says that she first started singing in her mom's tummy.

    • Her musical influences are Freddie Mercury, Queen, Elton John, Billy Joel, Eva Cassidy, Led Zeppelin, Keith Whitley, and Marty Robbins.

    • Her talent is that she can impersonate a few people, such as Britney Spears, Shakira, Cher, Elvis, and the lead singer of Rascal Flatts.

    • She auditioned for American Idol in Dallas, Texas at the Texas Stadium.

  • Quotes

    • Kady (on if Britney Spears contacted her about her impersonations of her): No word from Britney. I'm still waiting for her to call me about lunch [laughs]. I love Britney and I'm a big fan of her and it's kinda cool that I can sing like her.

    • Kady (on what she will do after "American Idol"): I definitely want to open up an animal shelter and I'm definitely going to keep working on my music. I eventually also want to open up a camp for kids and I definitely want to be a spokesperson for gay rights. My best friend is gay Freddie Mercury was gay who is my idol. I just think that you shouldn't define somebody by their sexuality. And I think that gay people not being able to get married ... it's just like history repeating itself.

    • Kady (on what she thought about the judges already acting like David Archuleta will win "American Idol"): I think that everybody in the Top 12 is just so talented in their own way. It's kind of an equal playing field now. I think everybody's a dark horse.

    • Kady (on being criticized for having already recorded an album): I just don't think that that's very important because this industry's so unpredictable and anybody can fail at an album. These days anybody can pretty much get a record deal, so a second chance is fine.

    • Kady (on how she felt about Simon commenting on her personality on "American Idol"): You know, I never really understood what he was saying [laughs]. Maybe one day I'll understand but I still don't really get it. I just felt like I couldn't please Simon no matter what. I did my best and I think I did well and I went out with a bang like I wanted to.

    • Kady (on if she was happy with her song choices on "American Idol"): The first song I did, 'Groovy Kind of Love,' I actually did because someone else was doing my first song choice. I had to pick a new song and I picked [it] because my mom used to sing it to me when I was little. [I chose] the Queen song this week, because I knew that even if I was going out I would go out doing my favorite song ever.

    • Kady: I'm like obsessed with music, really. It's an obsession. It's like beyond... it's unhealthy, OK.

    • Kady: My most interesting job was like recently I worked for a studio in Houston. I got to hear a lot of really cool bands and I tried to help people sing and I tried to help them out.

    • Kady: My family has always helped me pursue my dream. They've always supported me in everything I've done.

    • Kady: I think people would be surprised to learn that I am an amenextriust, my pinking is crooked and it hurts sometimes a lot. Oh and I have a Chihuahua named peanut and I treat him like he's my child. Like we do everything together, we sleep together, we eat together, everything.

    • Kady: I would say I'm kind of a mix of Kellie Pickler and I don't really know. Sanjaya because I have weird crazy hair sometimes, like I can't tame it and… I don't know.

    • Kady: My favorite performer of all time is Freddie Mercury of Queen, I'm obsessed with him. He's my idol, my ultimate like, idol, I love him.

    • Kady: I wanna become the next American Idol so that I can help people with my music. If I can just help like one person get through their day easier by listening to a song I made, that's my dream, my ultimate dream.

    • Kady: I can do impersonations, that's one of my other talents besides singing in my voice. I can do Cher, that one's really funny. I can do Britney Spears, the guy from Rascal Flatts, I don't know his name yet. Christina Aguilera, I can do and Shakira.

    • Kady: I can't remember a time when I didn't sing. I, honestly I don't know, I guess whenever I started talking.

    • Kady: When I found out I was in the top 24 I was in complete shock. I couldn't speak. I tried to say, "Thank you," to Randy, Simon and Paula, but it wouldn't come out and I just was crying. I promised myself I wouldn't cry no matter what, but it was just really shocking.

    • Kady: Well, people think this is really weird, but I like to put pickles and ketchup on my pizza. Like every time I eat it. It's really good! You should try it, seriously. It's amazing.

  • She is very talented!

    Kady Malloy is famous for being on American Idol Season 7. She was eliminated on 3/7/08, coming in 16th/15th/14th/13th place. She was eliminated with 3 other people. Her audition was amazing, and she was my favorite after her audition. I didn't like we didn't see her in Hollywood. Her first performance, A Groovy Kind of Love, was really good. But the judges didn't like it. Her next performance was Magic Man, and I honestly didn't think it was that good. Who Wants to Live Forever was her next performance. It was great, but that's when she was eliminated. I picked her to be in the top 12, but oh well. Only if she sang like she did in her audition, she probably would make it to the top 6.moreless
  • I Believe Kady is a very talented young lady and will have a great career.

    I unfortunately understand what Simon is talking about when he says "your lack of personality". Kady is obviously a funny and out-going girl but she is almost too serious when she performs. As we say in Newark, "girl, relax, relate, release and k.i.m. (keep it moving)

    For the ebonically challenged (LOL) that means that you have to just let it go and have a good time. Let that emotion out and your performances will get better, Kady. You already have the talent, that's obvious. Now, relax, relate, release. You will not only feel the difference, but the audience will feel you. And that will shut Simon up, isn't it worth it just for that?

    I'm routing for you.moreless