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  • Trivia

    • She was really good friends with Danny Noriega, Ramiele Malubay, and Colton Berry on American Idol.

    • She did not think the audition process for American Idol was fair because so many great people were cut. She was upset.

    • If she could change one thing about herself, she would like to be more graceful and less clumsy.

    • The toughest obstacle in her life is growing up. She wants to stay a kid forever.

    • She can sing opera.

    • The proudest moment in her life is singing for her friends and family during graduation.

    • If she couldn't sing, she would like to model, so she could get paid for looking good.

    • She thinks people would be surprised to know that she has crooked pinkies and she is afraid of the dark, in fact she sleeps with the lights on.

    • Her lucky charms are nine rings that she regularly wears and her grandmother's gold watch.

    • In Hollywood week (backstage) of "Idol", when she was battling out her nerves, she was singing Britney Spears with other contestants.

    • She says that her friends would be surprised that she owns the Labrynth movie soundtrack with David Bowie.

    • She wants to make her own animal rescue shelter and she also wants 5 kids.

    • Before she performs, she always says a prayer and jump up and down and go crazy, to let her nerves loose. She also gives herself a speech.

    • List of Songs Sung on American Idol

      Auditions (1/16/08): Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers
      February 20, 2008 - A Groovy Kind of Love by the Mindbenders
      February 27, 2008 - Magic Man by Heart
      March 5, 2008 - Who Wants to Live Forever by Queen
      March 6, 2008 - Who Wants to Live Forever by Queen (Eliminated)

    • She released a Demo CD in 2006. The songs were written and produced by Nick Trevisik and Paul Gurvitz. Here are the songs:

      Nobody Knows (3:23)
      Unwanted (3:04)
      Beyond the Wall (4:00)
      Wish You the Worst (3:13)
      It's Automatic (3:58)
      Find the Time (3:37)
      Don't Freak (3:50)

      Pre-Idol Studio Recorded Cover Songs

      My Immortal (Evanescence Cover)
      Foolish Games (Jewel Cover)
      Fields of Gold (Sting Cover)

    • Kady has a tattoo of an eighth note on her hip.

    • Kady currently (Feb. 2008) has a boyfriend named Parker.

    • She has a brother named Cody.

    • Kady's biggest inspiration is Eva Cassidy.

    • Her fans call themselves, "Kady's Kadets."

    • She attended James E. Taylor High School.

    • Although we saw her at her audition, we didn't see her much at all during Hollywood week.

    • Although her audition was on TV on January 16, 2008 she auditioned on August 6, 2007.

    • She was 18 years old when she auditioned for American Idol.

    • Kady thinks she is a mixture of Kellie Pickler and Sanjaya Malakar, both from American Idol.

    • Although she can vocally impersonate him, she doesn't know the name of the lead singer from Rascal Flatts.

    • She has a Myspace.

    • Kady actually released an album awhile ago. Unfortunately, songs from the CD have been whitewashed from the Internet, likely by American Idol higher-ups.

    • The main song she sang at her audition was Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers.

    • She wants to be the next American Idol so that she can help people with her music.

    • Her most embarrassing moment on stage was when she was in high school and she tripped over the microphone chord and the microphone fell and it made that screeching noise.

    • Her most interesting job is when she worked at a studio in Houston, she got to hear bands perform and helped people out and helped them sing.

    • Her mom once wanted her to be a nurse, but she says that she can't deal with blood or any medical stuff.

    • Kady has a chihuahua named Peanut and another dog named Griffin.

    • She works with Nick Trevisick, who is a producer and writer for famous singers such as Mandy Moore and Natalie Imbruglia.

    • Simon Cowell said that Kady is "super, super talented" and also said that she was "the best so far."

    • She says that she is a pretty good actress.

    • Her audition number for American Idol was 16874.

    • During her audition, she made a musical impersonation of Britney Spears by singing I'm Not a Girl and also sang some of Carrie Underwood's Before He Cheats.

    • Her idol is Freddie Mercury.

    • Favorites:
      Male Artists: Freddie Mercury, Rod Stewart, Elton John, Billy Joel, Robert Plant, and Mikey Jackson.
      Female Artists: Britney Spears, Eva Cassidy, Dolly Parton, Leona Lewis, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, the Spice Girls, and Beyonce.
      Quote: "Carpe diem."
      American Idol Judge: Paula Abdul because she thinks she is cute and fascinating.
      American Idol Moment: When Carrie Underwood sang, Cryin and anytime Bo Bice was on screen.

    • She started taking singing lessons when she was about 13 years old.

    • She says that she first started singing in her mom's tummy.

    • Her musical influences are Freddie Mercury, Queen, Elton John, Billy Joel, Eva Cassidy, Led Zeppelin, Keith Whitley, and Marty Robbins.

    • Her talent is that she can impersonate a few people, such as Britney Spears, Shakira, Cher, Elvis, and the lead singer of Rascal Flatts.

    • She auditioned for American Idol in Dallas, Texas at the Texas Stadium.

  • Quotes

    • Kady (on if Britney Spears contacted her about her impersonations of her): No word from Britney. I'm still waiting for her to call me about lunch [laughs]. I love Britney and I'm a big fan of her and it's kinda cool that I can sing like her.

    • Kady (on what she will do after "American Idol"): I definitely want to open up an animal shelter and I'm definitely going to keep working on my music. I eventually also want to open up a camp for kids and I definitely want to be a spokesperson for gay rights. My best friend is gay Freddie Mercury was gay who is my idol. I just think that you shouldn't define somebody by their sexuality. And I think that gay people not being able to get married ... it's just like history repeating itself.

    • Kady (on what she thought about the judges already acting like David Archuleta will win "American Idol"): I think that everybody in the Top 12 is just so talented in their own way. It's kind of an equal playing field now. I think everybody's a dark horse.

    • Kady (on being criticized for having already recorded an album): I just don't think that that's very important because this industry's so unpredictable and anybody can fail at an album. These days anybody can pretty much get a record deal, so a second chance is fine.

    • Kady (on how she felt about Simon commenting on her personality on "American Idol"): You know, I never really understood what he was saying [laughs]. Maybe one day I'll understand but I still don't really get it. I just felt like I couldn't please Simon no matter what. I did my best and I think I did well and I went out with a bang like I wanted to.

    • Kady (on if she was happy with her song choices on "American Idol"): The first song I did, 'Groovy Kind of Love,' I actually did because someone else was doing my first song choice. I had to pick a new song and I picked [it] because my mom used to sing it to me when I was little. [I chose] the Queen song this week, because I knew that even if I was going out I would go out doing my favorite song ever.

    • Kady: I'm like obsessed with music, really. It's an obsession. It's like beyond... it's unhealthy, OK.

    • Kady: My most interesting job was like recently I worked for a studio in Houston. I got to hear a lot of really cool bands and I tried to help people sing and I tried to help them out.

    • Kady: My family has always helped me pursue my dream. They've always supported me in everything I've done.

    • Kady: I think people would be surprised to learn that I am an amenextriust, my pinking is crooked and it hurts sometimes a lot. Oh and I have a Chihuahua named peanut and I treat him like he's my child. Like we do everything together, we sleep together, we eat together, everything.

    • Kady: I would say I'm kind of a mix of Kellie Pickler and I don't really know. Sanjaya because I have weird crazy hair sometimes, like I can't tame it and… I don't know.

    • Kady: My favorite performer of all time is Freddie Mercury of Queen, I'm obsessed with him. He's my idol, my ultimate like, idol, I love him.

    • Kady: I wanna become the next American Idol so that I can help people with my music. If I can just help like one person get through their day easier by listening to a song I made, that's my dream, my ultimate dream.

    • Kady: I can do impersonations, that's one of my other talents besides singing in my voice. I can do Cher, that one's really funny. I can do Britney Spears, the guy from Rascal Flatts, I don't know his name yet. Christina Aguilera, I can do and Shakira.

    • Kady: I can't remember a time when I didn't sing. I, honestly I don't know, I guess whenever I started talking.

    • Kady: When I found out I was in the top 24 I was in complete shock. I couldn't speak. I tried to say, "Thank you," to Randy, Simon and Paula, but it wouldn't come out and I just was crying. I promised myself I wouldn't cry no matter what, but it was just really shocking.

    • Kady: Well, people think this is really weird, but I like to put pickles and ketchup on my pizza. Like every time I eat it. It's really good! You should try it, seriously. It's amazing.