Kaitlin Cullum





6/24/1986 , Los Angeles, California (USA)

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Kaitlin has won two awards for her work on "Grace Under Fire" - The Young Artist Award for Best Young Actress on Television and The Youth in Film Award as Best Young Actress Starring in a Television Series. Kaitlin began print modeling at 4 years old when a photographer asked to take her picture. She appeared in many publications and in more than 20 national commercials, including a popular Oscar Meyer commercial where she is known as "the little girl in the red wagon," Kaitlin caught the acting bug from her sister Kimberly, who has had roles on many shows including "Home Improvement." When she is not acting, she likes to draw with her father, Leo Cullum, a cartoonist for The New Yorker magazine. She also enjoys playing on her softball team, The Orioles, and is the top cookie seller in her Brownie Troop. In her spare time, she volunteers for such charity organizations as Famous Fone Friends, EarthWalk, The Big Help and the LA Mission.

Kaitlin Cullum was attending auditions with her sister, Kimberley, when someone decided to take her picture. That's when she caught the acting bug. Kaitlin was a print model for Vogue magazine, after which she appeared in 20 national commercials. She is well known as "the little girl in the red wagon" in a popular Oscar Mayer commercial. She also has acted in a Los Angeles Showboat Youth Theater production of "Annie" and danced in the Malibu Ballet Society's "Little Daylight." During the 1994-95 hiatus, Kaitlin co-starred in the theatrical film, "A Little Princess." And in 1994, Bob Hope personally asked Kaitlin to appear as a special guest star in his televised Christmas special. Kaitlin received the Best Young Actress in a Television Series Award from Youth in Film in 1995. Aside from acting, Kaitlin enjoys drawing with her father, Leo Cullum (a cartoonist for New Yorker magazine), as well as gymnastics, ballet and reading; and she is now starting to play tennis. Her charity work includes Famous Phone Friends and the Big Help; and in 1994, she participated in Earthwalk. She and her family reside in Malibu, California, where she has a cat named Biscuit and a dog named Winnie.