Kalan Porter

Kalan Porter


11/11/1985, Medicine Hat, Alberta

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Kalan Porter


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Kalan was born and raised on cattle/buffalo ranch near the small town of Irvine, Alberta. Irving is southeast of the city of Medicine Hat. His family is the sixth generation running the farm. His rural upbringing gives him the strong family values and work ethic that contributed to…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Hey, Kalan is amazing!

    I went to one of Kalans concerts on March 6th. He is AMAZING! I thought was from day one. The concert was awesome, I was in second row =). You see him as this shy guy but at his concerts its just him and the fans and hes great.Cant wait to see and hear more from him!

    And about that above comment, its funny that you can only make fun of his looks. About his voice, you obviously dont know talent and most likely listen to actual people with flat voices like Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan. He got onto Canadian Idol for a reason, unlike Fantasia and Ruban on American Idol. And just so you know, he does have teen girls (like me) who voted for him for his voice.moreless
  • Kalan Does Have Talent!

    Kalan Porter so does have talent! if he didnt have talent he wouldnt have won Canadian Idol!

    Kalan is a really sweet guy,hes a amazing singer and he puts on a really good show! I have seen him in concert and wow he put on a really really amazing show,he talks to his fans and he would never pass up signing a autograph! I think personaly Kalan is a well deseving person and if wouldnt have it any other way for him winning Canadian Idol last year, yes i am also a fan of Jacob Hoggard but Kalan is the true Canadian Idol!moreless