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  • Country Sunshine


    Penny sure brings country sunshine to a somewhat drab city.

    by pinkpanther52 25/052017
  • Funniest show ever - since Seinfeld! Sheldon is an amazing actor!

    The meld of the characters is perfect! This writers and actors bring comedy to new heights! Just gets better with each episode if that is possible. Hard to improve upon perfection. It is just a top-notch comedy sit-com that we never miss. And we do not watch tv much at all. We were told about this show from some friends and after seeing one episode - we were hooked. We love it! Nuff' said. . and we are retirees - not the "younger you are spanning the gamut of
  • Penny goes home

    Love the show never miss it.

    But wouldn't it be great if the gang had to go to Nebraska to support Penny in some way. An while they were there Sheldon and Amy had to share a room. An Raj had to stay in the hayloft above the cows.

    Best show on TV
  • Good enough

    I can only base my review on her with Big Bang in mind as tat is the only work I have seen. I believe. Either way, she does a great role bringing Penny to life and is an asset to the show. I honestly like her in this role but in saying that I strongly believe that the Penny role could also be filled with others and would have done so just as well. I am not taking away from her at all but I don't see her as a reason as to why I watch the show, more like a bonus.
  • She is the reason why i keep on watching the big bang theory!

    Seriously, although the show itself is such a fun show to watch, I usually watch TBT over and over just because of kaley. She's so pretty and can sometimes be very funny as Penny. After reading the latest news that the show is up for 3 more seasons, me and my sister who is also a huge fan of her jumped for joy! Yey! We'll get to see Penny for three more years! Best news of 2011! I really hope she and Leonard gets together again. They look good together. After watching her in The Big Bang Theory, me and my sis immediately searched for her movies and other tv shows and we had a blast watching her over and over playing different roles.
  • Kaley is such a great rising star

    Kaley Cuoco has emerged as a child actor to such an amazing and talented actress. Kaley has always blown me away in every performance she has done. I was pleased to find out that she joined charmed which is one of my favourite tv shows. Kaley gave the show that little bit of spice that was needed. i wish that Kaley will keep giving her presence on screen as she is too good at what she does to not be offered roles that she well and truly deserves. i have not got one thing bad to say about Kaley she is just one of the best out there.
  • i missed her!

    she was so great on dating my teenage daughter, but she kind of fell off the radar before she did 'fat like me' and now the big bang. dont get me wrong, i like her, but.. she really hasnt done a whole lot since dating my teenage daughter wrapped. i feel like shes really still coming into her own - shes not quiiteee there yet. shes got the potential to be so great, but right now, shes sitting at good. she's gotta get out there & do other projects! especially since i`m not that big of a fan of the big bang theory. i like my nerds, but thats just... too many in one show! haha
  • Kaley Cuoco is a famous actress who has ben in the acting industry for most of her life!

    The first thing that I ever saw Kaley Cuoco in was 8 Simple Rules. I started to watch this when a few years ago and find it a very good comedy. I didn't realise that Kaley had been in a lot of other things I had watched until about a year later.

    'Brandy And Mr. Whiskers' is something I used to watch when I got bored and soon noticed that I had heard the voice from somewhere. I looked at the credits and saw her name and realised that I knew who she was.

    In season 8 of Charmed I saw her and realised that she was just about everywhere. I really loved her character in Charmed and thought that she was extremely good as that character.

    Just a few months ago I was flicking through channels and saw 'The Big Bang Theory' I saw Kaley Cuoco and knew exactly who she was, so I decided to keep on watching and I have found out that 'The Big Bang Theory' is an amazing TV programme and one of my new best friends!
  • Kaley definately has some talent.

    Whether she was playing "Bridget" on "8 Simple Rules" or "Billie" on "Charmed", Kaley Cuoco always did a great job portraying and acting out her character. (She even became my favorite character on Charmed because she played the role of "Billie" so well.) I especially like her character "Aly" in the movie "To Be Fat Like Me." She did a great job playing the part and hopefully she helped to bring awareness to the issues of the problems and ridicule obese people have to face everyday from people who don't understand their situation. So to sum it up, Kaley Cuoco is a great actress.
  • Date of Birth 30 November 1985, Camarillo, California, USA Birth Name Kaley Christine Cuoco Height 5' 6½" (1.69 m)

    A model and commercial actress from the age of 6, Kaley Cuoco's first major role was in the TV movie Quicksand: No Escape (1992) (TV) with Donald Sutherland and Tim Matheson. Her other television credits include guest-starring on the series "Ellen" (1994) (where she played "little Ellen" to the 'Ellen Degeneres' character), "Northern Exposure" (1990), "Don't Forget Your Toothbrush" (1995) and "My So-Called Life" (1994). In addition, she played a leading role in the miniseries Mr. Murder (1998) (TV). Cuoco has appeared in the feature films Lucky 13 (2005/I), Picture Perfect (1997) and Virtuosity (1995). On stage, she has performed in Los Angeles-area productions of "Annie" and "Fiddler on the Roof". When she's not acting, Cuoco is an avid tennis player, who consistently ranks well in Southern California Tennis Association standings as a member of a regional amateur division team. In addition, she enjoys spending time with friends, going to the mall and hip-hop dancing. Cuoco is home-schooled and lives in Ventura County, California with her family.
  • fantastic.

    Kaley Cuoco is an actress that I came to know after I watched 8 Simple Rules on ABC Family when they started to have re-runs of the show. I thought she was amazing in that and really brought something to that show that I think most people will like. She has also been in an abc family made for tv film and she was just really funny in that. Now she is on one of the shows that I have come to like, The Big Bang Theory, and in that she is great. She isnt that big of a star but she is amazing and I can't wait to see what else she has in store for us but I am sure it will be great.
  • Kaley is the most talented actress I have seen in a long time.

    Kaley is not only beautiful, but she is very talented as well. Her role in Charmed as Billy was great. Better than the rest. I see good things to come for Kaley. She really seems like a down to earth woman, not like the others out there that show off. I also think she should have got number one for the Top 100 hottest women. Not only because of her looks, but her personal character as well. I hope she sticks around for a long time. I really enjoy watching her. An extreme talent. Keep up the good work Kaley. James B.
  • this girl is so talented!!

    I first saw Kaley on a Lifetime movie called "To Be Fat Like Me" and she was so good!! She has also been on Brandy and Mr. Whiskers where she played rich spoiled puppy Brandy Harrington, who was the only good part of the show. I also hear that Kaley is friends with Ashley Tisdale which is cool because I love Ashley!! Why would somebody not like her?? She is so pretty and talented!! I think she be a way bigger star than she is, she has so much talent. I heard she was on 8 Simple Rules, which is one of teh absolute best shows on the face of the earth!! Above all Kaley Cuoco ROCKS!
  • she is really talented

    she is really good in 8 simple rules and i think that shes very talented she also is in a new show that is premeiring this fall and i am happy to here that because she deserves to be a main charecter in another show.you can tell that she is a good actress because not only have i seen her play a ditsy role but i have also seen her playing a serious role, therefore that proves that she is a good actress, because she was good in both roles.kaley couco is just plain talented. i dont have anything else to say... sreiously this 100 word min. really got me.
  • She is a great actress and has a good voice. I love her movies and her one animation, Brandy and Mr. Whiskers!

    Kaley Cuoco was staring out in showbizness pretty early on in her life, at only eight months! She was seen in many commercials, including Barbie ads, and stared in many films. She also has been a voice for my favorite animation, Brandy and Mr. Whiskers. Kaley's voice fits the roll of her character really well and I hope they bring back this show. Her performance in "Chicago" was very well and I enjoyed that movie very much. Also, her appearance in "Charmed" was good and unexpected. I hope to see more of her acting and also hear her voice soon!
  • Fabulous

    Kaley Cuoco is one of my personal favourites. She is a really amazing actress, and she looks great too. The roles I remember her most for were as Billie Jenkins in Charmed and Bridget Henessey in 8 Simple Rules, both one of my favourite programmes. These roles show that she can act in a lot of different ways - In Charmed she is the intellegent teen who saves the day. Contrasting to this, in 8 simple rules she is the ditzy blonde cheerleader who loves to shop. In both roles she was excellent. She will also soon be in The Big Bang Theory, which looks excellent. Kaley Cuoco is a great actress and I expect to see her become a massive phenemonom.
  • she is really like a sweet hot woman on charmed

    Kaley Cuoco has been in the television industry for most of her life as she appeared on screen when she was merely eight months old. She had continued to attend countless auditions in hopes of getting a steady role throughout her life and she even started modeling when she was six years old. She managed to get her first major movie role in the 1995 in the film Virtuosity Kaley Cuoco continues to appear in various movies and television shows, recently getting into the series Charmed and 8 Simple Rules, she also recently began working in the voice acting field and she continues to attempt to further her tennis skills.
  • Kaley Cuoco is amazing actress!

    Kaley Cuoco is great! She looks amazing and she is amazing actress! I know her in the first place from '8 Simple Rules',Bridget Hennessy. But then her other role was in 'Charmed', Billie Jenkins. I like her so much! She is very talented and young actress! Also she is so sweet and cute, I can say beautifull!
  • i think kaley is a very good actress

    Even though kaley did try to kill my favorite piper in charmed i think she is a good actress but somepeople think that she had a pointless role in charmed i think she did a great job in charmed its not like she did a bad jod at it i mean she is good looking and is not a bad actress even though she did try to kill my favorite sisters but i think she has has done a good jod on her other shows but i liked her the most on charmed but i think that charmed is the best thing that she could have done for her career
  • Why does everyone hate her?

    Okay, why does everyone hate Kaley Cuoco? She is a fantastic actress! I have only seen her in 8 simple rules, i've heard she's in charmed too. She did a fantastic job in 8 simple rules playing spoiled popular kid "Bridget." Maybe, if everyone would stop hating her, and saying things such as if she had her own show it wouldn't last a week, i think a lot would disagree. I know i sure do whoever said that!
    Kaley Cuoco, keep up the excellent work, (Dismiss all the rude things others have said)and keep it going!
    All the luck on Charmed. :)
  • She was charming on "8 Simple Rules" and is one of the most talented ever.

    Her recurring role on "8 Simple Rules" was even more charming than her role on "Charmed"! Kaley is one of the best and most talented actresses on earth! She is definitely one of all time greats, and is loveable and pretty.

    Kaley pointed that she cried endlessly when her co-worker John Ritter died. The directors had to stop airing many times when Kaley's character (Bridget Hennessey) would recall old memories with John.

    She is the best!
  • Above Average.

    Most people know kaley cuoco for starring on the hit tv show 8 simple rules for dating my teenage daughter. she played bridget hennesey a superfical teenager who is obsessed about her looks. she did pretty well on this show and was quite funny she starred alongside john ritter, katey sagal, amy davidson and martin spanjers. later in the show david spade joined the cast but sadly it was cancelled after just three seasons.

    she also starred in brandy and mr whiskers a cartoon tv show about a dog and a rabbit.

    her most recent role has been on the tv show charmed playing billie jenkins. in charmed she stars alongside alyssa milano, rose mc gowan adn holly marie combs.

    overall kaley cuoco is a great actress.
  • Kaley Cuoco is best known for her roles on 8 Simple Rules (Bridget Hennessy) and Charmed (Billie Jenkins).

    I hate how so many people bash the actress that portrays Billie on Charmed. They say she can\\\'t act and shouldn\\\'t have been added to an already perfect cast. I totally disagree. I LOVED Kaley Cuoco on Charmed and on 8 Simple Rules. I think she\\\'s a great actress and she can play almost any part perfectly. In 8 Simple Rules she was a ditsy teen who was way too into her looks and her friends/boyfriends. On Charmed she was a desperate witch in training trying to find her lost sister. The two roles are completely different, yet she played them perfectly.
  • Simply Awesome

    Kaley was awesome in her role as Billie on Charmed, she was even better as Bridget on 8 Simple Rules. I love all of her characters, she rocks!! She nails all of her scenes and is really funny. I can\\\'t wait to see her on new shows. even when she was younger, she was really good. I like how she does all different personalities. Shes serious, yet funny and kick-butt in Charmed. And in 8 Simple Rules shes funny, blonde, and into herself. She does both really well. I haven\\\'t seen her much in any other shows, but I really want to see her in Crimes of Fashion.
  • Hate her!!

    Okay Kaley Cuoco is awful!! She was on Charmed and played one of the most pointless chaecters. She was awful!! A disgrace!! She did a crying sense one time and my god I thought I was going to cry because it was so bad!! She is a very bad actress. But I have to give her a little credit she did do good on 8 simple rules. But still she was not that good.I can not stand her!! She drives me insane!! If she ever stars in her own show I bet it won't even last a week! I think she just needs to stick with her dumb blonde roles and stay away from good TV.
  • Kaley Cuoco is a very talented actress.

    I love the way that she plays "Billie" on Charmed. She plays the new witch that Paige is teaching. She really does an amazing job especially in the last few episodes of Charmed. I have never seen any of the other shows that she is in but maybe someday I will. All together an amazing, talented, young actress. Love her!
  • She is a great actor in charmed but not as good as when she plays in 8 simple rules!

    Kaley Cuoco is a great actor in charmed but is better in 8 simple rules! Kaley made the show better it was like having Paige when she just found out she was a witch and was studying and stuff! And the sitters treated her like when Paige started! And at the end she made a great turn around! I can't beleive she convinsed Billy she was good when the sisters tryed to tell Billy but she kept trusting her sister who was planning all along to kill the sisters and I can't beleive she killed her sister i never thought that would happen!Well Kaley is a great actor!
  • She's alright in 8 Simple Rules but Charmed was totally the wrong show for her.

    I have nothing against her, it's just that Charmed doesn't suit her. I am so used to seeing her be funny in 8 Simple Rules and playing a serious character just doesn't work for her. I don't think she has enough ability, or maybe just too little experience to play a part like Billie.
    I guess it doesn't help that I didn't see the point in Billie being there lol.
    Kaley plays the part of Brigitte so well and her relationship with her on-screen family in that show was great. I loved the scenes between Brigitte and Carrie, they were hilarious.
    I think that is the best type of thing for Kaley atm, light comedy..Disney stuff. I know that sounds a bit patronising but Kaley just doesn't seem like the type of person to do very serious parts.
    Charmed is a more mature show and people get so used to the high standard of acting that it's hard to watch somebody less experienced take on a lead role, especially when the character isn't actually necessary.
    Maybe things will change in the future and Kaley will take on more serious parts and have the experience and ability to make it work, but not at the moment. She has more of a 'barbie persona' and can make people laugh. that wasn't meant as an insult lol.
    The woman can act, but lighter, less emotional stuff suits her better right now. I didn't find her crying/emotion-charged scenes in Charmed real enough to carry the character and make sense.
  • She starred in charmed. well thats all i know about her...

    OKAY, she has got to be one of the most pointless characters used in the charmed.

    She cannot act to save her life, espicially her emotional crying scenes! AWFUL! DISGRACE!!
    im sure Brad Kern signed her up on charmed just to perve on her ...

    Although she had some role to be on charmed, it wasnt a very good storyline to her.

    Although i dont hate her that much of a person, i feel she cant act as well as she thinks or people think she can.

    Overall i think she is the worst thing on charmed and could try to act harder or be normally-emotional not non-human ..
  • Kaley Cuoco played Billie Jenkins for one season on Charmed

    I\\\'m sure when Kaley Cuoco agreed to a season contract with \\\"Charmed\\\", she was oblivious to the wild unpopularity her charector would recieve. But that\\\'s exactly what she got. Numerous polls on thecharmedones.com, discussions on thecharmedsons.com and thewb.com have shown that the vast majority of fans were praying madly that \\\"Billie\\\" would meet an untimely end. Why? Let\\\'s take a look, shall we?

    (these reasons are all given, not just by personal opinion, but by the opinions of visitors of the aforementioned sites)

    #1: She was a scene-hog and stole screen-time away from the main charectors in the finale season. Many fans felt that the last season was a time to tie up loose ends with the sisters, including thier love lives, children, and personal careers, NOT to introduce a whole-new charector who had no ties to the Halliwells.

    #2: Cuoco was the reason Brian Krause was only contracted for ten episodes. Budgets for Charmed were alreadt dwindling when Cuoco was brought in. The su of money it took to cover her paycheck caused the WB to have no money left to keep Krause past episode ten, which infuriated most viewers. Krause was a veteran Charmed actor, having made his first appearance in the third episode.

    #3: She was introduced solely as a spin off possibility. Kern said himself that the WB would only renew Charmed if he included a new charector. Before the show even aired, there was talk of a Billie Spin off. Many fans were already campainging for a spin off starring Drew Fuller as Chris (one of the shows most popular charectors) and Wes Ramsey as Wyatt.

    There you have it. Cuoco does, inarguably, have a loyal fan base, but her role as Billie Jenkins most defnately didn\\\'t earn her any more supporters.

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