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    • Kam: I would love to be a Peeping Tom and creep around the windows of people I know who do things late at night when they think that no one can see.

    • Kam: I come from such a small town. The thought of being an actress in Los Angeles seemed so far removed from me. To even dream like that was to say, 'I want to be the queen of England.' So I just sit back and think, 'Is this really happening?'

    • Kam: (on her most embarrassing on-set experience) We were doing a hot tub scene [on Sunset Beach], I had these pads underneath my bra that were supposed to keep it tight. But when we were in the water, they floated up to the top! These things were coming out of my bra, and I was trying to be discreet as I put them back in.

    • Kam: I'm attracted to strength in a man. Not just physical—though I do have a thing for broad shoulders—but the kind of strength of character that means he can be his own person and allow me to do my thing. I don't like cheapness. I like chivalry in a man, where he'll pick up the bill and not go over it, saying, 'You had this; I had that.'

    • Kam: The first time I had my head shots printed in New York - like 1,000 of them - they read 'Ham Heskin'.

    • Kam: (her motto) Have at least three good laughs a day - it relieves stress and is good for your stomach muscles.

    • Kam: I've worked at every fast-food restaurant and menial job there is. And I got fired from them all. At Taco Bell, they made me a sweeper. They kept me away from the food!

    • Kam: I was a really late bloomer. I didn't talk to a lot of people in junior high and high school. No boyfriends. I didn't think of myself as pretty at all. I had a silly perm and wore glasses, and I was so skinny.

    • Kam: Television is always a fun place to be, but I think that the dot com stuff is where a lot of programming is going. It's fun to be involved in one of the first projects [Coastal Dreams], especially with a network that is really behind it.