Kameron Bink


Kameron Bink Trivia


  • Trivia

    • Kameron taught a Contemporary dance class on December 19, 2007, in his hometown Coral Springs, Florida.

    • Kameron is a spokesman and model for "Sugar and Bruno", a dancewear company. He starred in their new men's clothing line on March 1, 2008, in Orlando, Florida.

    • Kameron's partners while on So You Think You Can Dance? include Lacey Schwimmer and Sabra Johnson.

    • Kameron was voted off So You Think You Can Dance? season 3 on July 16, 2007, garnering 10th/9th place.

    • Kameron says that he is a daredevil.

    • Kameron's ambition in life is to make people happy and keep entertaining.

    • Kameron says that the best thing about working with Lacey on So You Think You Can Dance is that all of her experience is in ballroom and partnering and all of his is not. Although, Kameron also says that the worst thing about working with Lacey is that her hair weave has a very bad odor.

    • Kameron says the first day of rehearsal on So You Think You Can Dance Mia Michels, a judge/choreographer on the show pulled him aside and told him that she hated his hair, because she thought he was putting on a show.

    • Kameron's religion is Christian.

    • Although there is a fanship between Kameron and co-contestant Lacey called "Kamcey," Kameron states that there was no romantic relationship between them.

    • Kameron and co-contestant Lacey on So You Think You Can Dance have a fanship called "Kamcey."

    • Kameron's most memorable dance experience was trying out and making it to the top 20 of So You Think You Can Dance?.

    • Kameron says in ten years he would hope to still be entertaining and performing somewhere.

    • Kameron would like So You Think You Can Dance? to open doors to new and thrilling oppurtunities in the dance world.

    • Kameron states that he has danced in public functions that include the Latin Grammy's and other performances for Latin T.V. with several artists.

    • Kameron says that he does not have any professional dancers in his family, although, his mom thinks that she is one.

    • Kameron states that he has too many favorite professional dancers to list.

    • Other talents/hobbies that Kameron has besides dancing are riding motorcycles and skydiving.

    • Kameron categorizes his dance style as Hip/hop, Contemporary.

    • Kameron started to dance when he was six years old.

    • Kameron's nicknames include "Kam", "KillaKam", and "Kaliper."

  • Quotes

    • Kameron: As a male dancer you get made fun of a little bit but my mom just used to tell that if you're a football player you're going into the locker room with a bunch of guys, where as a dancer we're going into the dressing room with a whole bunch of girls.

    • Kameron: My sister inspired me to start dancing.