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Miss New York 2005 Kandice Pelletier was a participant in the CBS reality show The Amazing Race She raced, with partner Dustin Seltzer, in seasons 10 and 11.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Dustin and Kandice were determined to win The Amazing Race at all costs. Their reason for being on the race was to see the world while sharing the experience together. Luckily, they were blessed to have been in the race twice.

    • Kandice and her teammate Dustin raced through eleven countries before getting eliminated in Barcelona, Spain on the tenth of The Amazing Race.

      On the All-Stars edition, they both visited seven countries and four continents. Totaled up, They visited eighteen countries other than the United States while participating on The Amazing Race.

    • Kandice got engaged to her boyfriend on Valentine's Day 2007, after she completed her final race.

    • These were Dustin and Kandice's finishing positions on The Amazing Race 11: All-Stars:

      Leg 1: Equador - 6th of 11.
      Leg 2: Chile - 6th of 10.
      Leg 3: Chile - 4th of 9.
      Leg 4: Argentina - 5th of 8.
      Leg 5: Mozambique - 2nd of 7.
      Leg 6: Tanzania - 4th of 7.
      Leg 7: Poland - 1st of 6.
      Leg 8: Poland - 3rd of 6.
      Leg 9: Malaysia - 1st of 5.
      Leg 10: China - 2nd of 4.
      Leg 11: China - 1st of 4.
      Leg 12: USA - 1st of 4.
      Leg 13: USA - 2nd of 3 (Second Place).

    • These are Dustin and Kandice's finishing positions on The Amazing Race 10:

      Leg 1: China - 4th of 12.
      Leg 2: Mongolia - 5th of 10.
      Leg 3: Vietnam - 4th of 9.
      Leg 4: Vietnam - 7th of 8.
      Leg 5: India - 2nd of 7.
      Leg 6: Kuwait - 2nd of 7.
      Leg 7: Mauritius - 1st of 6.
      Leg 8: Madagascar - 1st of 6.
      Leg 9: Finland, Ukraine - 2nd of 5.
      Leg 10: Morocco - 4th of 4.
      Leg 11: Spain - 4th of 4 (Eliminated).

    • On both The Amazing Race 10 and The Amazing Race 11 Kandice completed a total of 5 Roadblocks.

    • On The Amazing Race 10 her team finished in 4th through 7th during the first four legs. On the next five legs they either came in 1st or 2nd. After that they came in 4th during two consecutive weeks and were eliminated.

    • On The Amazing Race 10 she won a motor-scooter, and a trip to Kona coast. On the The Amazing Race 11 she won a trip to Puerto Rico, a retro-scooter, a Yamaha Waverunner, and an all-terrain vehicle.

    • On The Amazing Race 11 her team finished four legs in first place, which was the most legs won by any team.

    • In 2005 she was roommates with Dustin at the Miss America Pageant. They became best friends and they ended up doing The Amazing Race together.

    • In her spare time she likes to dance, run, and do Pilates.

    • She describes herself as charismatic, determined, and vivacious.

    • She is 5 ft 9 in. She has blue eyes and blonde hair.

    • She finished in 4th place on The Amazing Race 10 and she was the runner-up on The Amazing Race All Stars.

    • She has a sister named Kendra, who also does pageants.

    • In 2005 she won the Miss Greater New York City local pageant and then she went on to win Miss New York.

    • In 2004, she was Miss Manhattan in the Miss New York pageant and she was the first runner-up.

    • In 2002 she was in the Miss Georgia pageant, as Miss Cobb County. She finished as a quarter-finalist.

    • She wants to be "the next Kelly Ripa".

    • She studied entertainment communications at New York University.

    • She was in the movie-musical remake of The Producers.

    • Before moving to New York she went to Kennesaw State University.

    • In 2003 she was runner-up in the Miss Georgia pageant and she won the Miss National Sweetheart pageant for Miss America state runners-up.

    • In 2002 she was a quarter-finalist in the Miss Georgia pageant.

    • She went to North Cobb High School.

    • She is a Rockette at Radio City Music Hall.

  • Quotes

    • Kandice: (interview regarding how important it was for Kandice and Dustin to be the first female team to win The Amazing Race) I think just on top of personal reasons for wanting to win The Amazing Race, I mean becoming the first all-female team to ever win was an added incentive and pressure in a way. I really felt like we were kind of representing, you know, we really felt the representation when we were running.