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  • Underrated

    I think Kandyse McClure is a great actress. She is one of the reason besides James Edward Omos I watch the show Battlestar Galactica. The fact that I don't see her that much in the show is the reason that Battlestar Galactica as great as a show it is is number 6 on my top ten shows and it wouldn't be on my list at all if it wasn't for Kandyse and James Edward Omos. I can't wait to see her in more movies and hope she has great luck and success in being a an actress and I think she does a great job.
  • Very talented actress.

    Kandyse is a very talented actress. She caught my attention in the mini series and has kept it ever since. She deserves to have her story line expanded.

    I think she is worth more than to just hook her character up with Lee "Apollo" Adama. That makes her a love interest and she needs/deserves better than to be used as a stress reliever for the Admiral's son. Of course I am only caught up to Episode 2.17 "The Captain's Hand". So, her situation might have changed in the three episodes that followed.

    Even when they put her with Billy it was just a small taste of what she is capable of.
  • Hopefully, this little hottie will get a chance to show her stuff as the show progresses.

    Sure - Petty Officer Dualla isn't a major role. But considering how little screen time Kandyse gets, she makes the most of it. I for one, sincerely hope that she will get many more opportunities for character development, and a more prominent place in the plotline than just sitting in the CIC, and directing traffic.