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    • (Of her character's suicide in Battlestar Galactica)
      McClure: It was difficult for me. I understood it in terms of the context of the show, and obviously, I was sad to go. I made the decision a long time go that Ron Moore was a lot smarter than I am, so if he thinks it's a good idea, then it probably is. And I can see how it does serve the show. It's a show that has never really shied away from trying to show the honest truth of how people react to things, which is obviously one of its strengths. Of course people commit suicide; of course people just can't take it anymore. I understand that, and in doing my research, I learned a lot about what that frame of mind is, and had my own kind of internal questions about it. I was raised religious. I'm not religious anymore, but you still have that kind of residual anxiety about the idea of suicide. I think I have a greater understanding, and in a way, more a respect for what that is.