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  • anglema

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  • I don't say this often but..

    I HATE HIM!!!!
  • About his music

    very nice him i like her music

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  • Good rapper guestionable action

    Great rapper but made a bad move at 2009 vma awards.He also uses a lot of auto tune and strange noises.Kanye had a great preformence at 2010 vma' s. Overall great rapper. My favorite song is runaway witch he preformed at 2010 vma's.I give him a seven because of bad dicisions and I don't think he is the best rapper because he uses to much auto tune ( not a fan of auto tune.)and weird noises.Kanye Kanye Kanye.My top five favorite songs 5. Look at me now, 4 Black and yellow, 3.F---ing Perfect, 2. Bow chicka wow wow., 1. I need a doctor.
  • This dude is my favorite rapper.

    Kanye West is one of the best rappers ever.I love his songs like Gold Digger and Stronger.He did not win any awards,but this guy knows how to sing.He's one of my favorite celebities like Adam Sandler or Seth Rogen.This dude is a better rapper because he both sings and raps.Well,I hear that song Heartless a lot and I think it's pretty good.This dude doesn't stink because he's pretty much a good rapper.I really like this dude as a rapper and a singer.He is one of the all time greatest celebities that are ever known because his songs are really good.
  • Kanye West 808's & Heartbreak

    I Feel That Kayne Is Gettin ALot Of Negative Feed Back About Him Using AutO Tune On His New Album And I Fell That His Move Was A Good Move, It Shows He Has Flavour And Originality And Is Not Afraid To Try New Things Which Many Artist Are. It Makes Him And His New Album Stand Out. I Think His New Album Will Sell Great And His Songs Will Be Hits, Although I Do Think Kanye Should Still Do Rap But Still Keep Some Autotune, I Think Kanye Music Is Unreal And He Is One Of The Best Artist Round I Get Goosbumps Listenin To His Songs, I Think He Does The Best He Can And It Shows In The Lines In His Music. I Think Kanye Is Real And Always Will Be Real I Think Kayne Lets His emotions Out Through His Songs And Thats Whats Makes His Music So PowerFull He Is Not Afraid To Say What He Feels Alot Of People Say Kayne Is Ignorent But i Think He Is Just Wise He Keeps To Himself And Lets NoOne No His Bussines But Doesnt Keep Use Completly Put Because He Lets Use No Through His Music, And This Is What Makes Kanye Not Only An Artist But An Inspiration.
  • Awesome

    Kanye West is a great rapper. I love his music. Ther are many Kanye West songs that are so good. There is Gold Digger, Stronger, Can't Tell Me Nothin, Good Life, and a lot of other songs! THrough his music, I can tell that he is dedicated. He has a really good way of rhyming. At the Grammies, he performed a song called Hey Mama, which is a special messgae to his mother. I loved it! It had a lot of meaning to it! I think 50 cent is lucky that the bet was called off or he would lost big time! Kanye is just too good.
  • What can I say ----meggie----

    Kanye West!

    I just resently got into rap! I was always ROCK! and Kanye\'s song \"Golddigger ft.\" Is so cool! I am White But, A lot of ppl say that White ppl Like rock and rock sucks and Rap Is the best and White ppl Suck! But I don\'t care what ppl say I like both Rock and Rap! But it depends on What kinda Rap and Rock! So yeah Kanye West is my Favorite RAP SINGER!!!!!!!!

  • Oh my god he's a good rapper

    He speaks his mind openly not caring what Bush or anyone else says. He speaks on current events such as pre-nupt, Seirra Leone, face lifts with other people's money, nothing being promised, with such accuracy. The best rapper ever in my mind. He is out to perove the US Congresses are racist, even if it is at the wrong time. I'm white and I'M feeling him.
  • Trashes bush waht else can I say.

    I clap my hands for kanye stating the truth there is to MUCH! RACISM! in the United States and Bush could have done alot more all the politions that were pre told levees cost 100 Bill to fix i say how can you look at the mirror when total damage is probably double and with a huge death total. Fight The power.
  • Kon Da Louis Vuitton Don

    Dis guy is the greatest right now. Most people at my school dont really listen to his music or his artists, but i would rather listen to the music Of kanye and his new record label G.O.O.D. any day.His music is great and his beats are crazy. Rapper,producer,director,soon to become legend. Dis guy really works hard, and you can tell dat by listening to his songs and watching the documentaries on him. Dat dude spat his verse on Through THe Wire with his mouth wired shut cuz of that accident he went through. I heard dat he is going to do a video for every song on his new CD LAte Regestration. He is not only making himself big, but he is also helping Common and John Legend big. And i know he is going to make a few others blow up like GLC,Conseqence, and plenty more. I am really beliveing That The G.O.O.D. label is going to be the biggest of all. You can hate all you want but Kanye is the Greatest. If you say he cant rap just look at all his accomplishments.(He won a few grammies i belive) If i had enough money i'd join his fan club.
  • Kanye West - An actual Legend. The best, the most talented, the elite. The saviour of Hip Hop.

    This man is a legend. Its as simple as that. He has given people worldwide a bundle of hope, belief, inspiration and amazing tracks. He deserves rewards. What this man has achieved is formidable. Determination, Dedication, Motivation...he talks to us his many inspirations and we listen to him...our inspiration. Not only has he supplied us with his own unforgettable songs, but he has produced many from different artists in the music business. This man is a talent, a saviour, an inspiration. Kanye West - What a Legend.