Kappei Yamaguchi

Kappei Yamaguchi


5/23/1965, Fukuoka, Fukuoka, Japan

Birth Name

Mitsuo Yamaguchi



Also Known As

Kappei Yamaguchi, Mitsuo Yamaguchi, Yamaguchi Kappei
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Anime voice acting legend Kappei Yamaguchi, born Mitsuo Yamaguchi in Fukuoka, Japan, is a famous, well-known, and extremely talented Japanese voice actor. He has lent his voice to numerous anime series. Three of his most famous roles are Shin'ichi Kudou and Kaitou KID in Detective Conan, Inuyasha in…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • He has voiced Crash Bandicoot in the Crash Bandicoot video game series.

    • Kappei has released 4 solo CDs, which include "Rollin'" in 1990, "A Boy" in 1991, "Mini-Best" in 1995, and "Unbalance City" in 1996.

    • Kappei has appeared on two radio shows. The first was "Pure Pure Island", which aired for only a month in 1998 as a tie-in with the anime series Fancy Lala. The second was Hiroi Ouji's "Maruten Cha Cha Cha!", which is still an ongoing show.

    • From 1989 to 1993 Kappei sang songs as Ranma Saotome. These are various Ranma 1/2 character songs released as singles.

    • Kappei has voiced a couple of main characters in some Japanese dubs. These include Bugs Bunny, Kyle Broflovski in South Park, Cory Matthews (episode 3+) in Boy Meets World, and Max Goof in "A Goofy Movie" and "An Extremely Goofy Movie".

    • Although he normally has dark hair, Kappei once dyed his hair blonde. He was joked around with so much due to the change, that he soon changed back.

    • Kappei works for Gekidan 21 Seiki Fox, or 21st Century Fox, as it is called in the United States.

    • His height is 160cm (5'3). He weighs 55kg (121 lbs). His shoe size is 24.5 cm (6 1/2 men's in America) and his blood type is B.

    • As of March 2006, he is tied with Megumi Hayashibara as the third most prolific seiyū (Japanese voice actor) in Japan. First place belongs to Takehito Koyasu, and second Shinichirô Miki.

    • Kappei is married and as one son.

    • Kappei sings in the following songs as Usopp for the soundtracks and specials in the anime One Piece.
      Furenzu (Friends) A Chopper and Usopp song
      Samba Bomber Akuma No Mi (Samba Bomber Devil Fruit)- A group song
      See Moon See you- A group sog
      Usoppu no Hanamichi (Usopp's Flower Road)- A Usopp image song.

    • Kappei sang six songs for the Ranma 1/2 soundtrack. Kawaiku nee, Iroke ga ne (You ain't cute, You've got no appeal) Chikyuu Orchestra (Earth Orchestra) Konya wa April Fool" (Tonight is April Fools)
      Chaina Kara no Tegami (Love Letter from China)
      Characters Christmas
      Nannichuan wo Sagase (Looking for Nannichuan)

    • Kappei voices Sento in Dash! Shikurou.

    • Kappei voices Higashikumaru Kentaro in CLAMP Gakuen Tanteidan.

    • Kappei voices Kabuto Kouji in CB Character Nagai Gou World

    • Kappei voices Yugo in Battle Angel.

    • Kappei voices Ingaki Kappei in Ayane-chan High Kick.

    • Kappei voices Toto in Ashita he Free Kick.

    • Kappei voices Arslan in Arslan Senki.

    • Kappei voices Virgil in Apfel Land Story.

    • Kappei voices White Prince in Akihabara Dennou Gumi.

    • Kappei voices Takuya in Akachan to Boku

    • Kappei voices Yamamoto Yuusuke in 1+2 = Paradise.

    • Kappei performs the first and fourth ending theme songs for the anime series Ranma 1/2. He does so along with the rest of the cast.

    • Kappei sings the theme song for Can Can Bunny.

    • Kappei's hobbies are climbing and computer.

    • Kappei was the winner of the seiyû (Japanese voice actor) award in the 2003 Tokyo International Anime Fair.

  • Quotes

  • This seiyu is awesome.

    He is one of the best he voices Ranma Satome in Ranma 1/2 Inuyasha in Inuyasha Ussop in One Piece Shinichi Kudo in Detective Connan (Known in english as Case Closed) and L in Death Note. This guy even has dubbing roles such as Kyle in South Park Max Goofy in Disney Bugs Bunny in Looney Toones and originaly Crash Bandicoot in the video game series Crash Bandicoot. This man is one of the best he is probably aside Toshiyuki Morikawa and Tessho Genda i'm hoping he does the voice of Pain in Naruto: Shippuden if not I wont be disapointed.moreless
  • His Voice and Inuyasha's Character they match like Hotdog and Ketchup

    His Voice is damn well fantastic Disagree and your life is in Jeapordy. I mean listen to him! HEs so damn good! Compare it to the English voices and see what makes him so good! Hear Inuyasha scream in English its really odd and their Voices are like so slow when Inuyasha says "Kagome will never see these battles again!" So odd and its like hes slow or something but Kappei Yamaguchi Brings life to Inuyasha making sounds so Bad ass and awesome at the same time. Shocking so few reviews and you know his voice is fantastic!moreless