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    • Kara DioGuardi : I really like Daughtry. I would love to co-write with him. If he's out there and he wants to do a co-write, please call me!

    • Kara: I think that really the hardest part about being a writer is getting in a room and being naked in front of your co-writer, and allowing someone to say to you, 'That's not very good,' and not get offended. To this day, still, I'm always listening to what people have to say. But you always have to keep your ears open. I'm still learning to this day.

    • Kara: When you're trying to be an artist, you're totally about your feelings. I always write from melody because that's where the art comes from.

    • Kara(On her relationship with fellow American Idol judges, Randy, Paula, and Simon): I'm like the long-lost cousin who they're not sure they wanted to see, but now they're like, 'Okay, you can stay for dinner.'"