Kara Saun

Kara Saun


1/1/1967, New York

Birth Name

Kara Saunders



Also Known As

Kara Saunders, Karasaun
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Kara Saunders dreamed about becoming a designer from an early stage. At the age of 21, in 1988, she graduated from Rutgers University, before getting involved with the Air Force. For this reason, she travelled a lot, until she decided to settle down in New York City, looking…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • She lost the P.R. competition but may this beautiful Star will find her place where she can shine brightly!

    There was definitely a reason that Kara Saun won 4 out of the 9 competitions on Project Runway... TALENT. Kara was a beautiful, soft-spoken, caring, professional throughout the competition. But what kept her on until the finals was her undisputed talented creations. Her designs are classic, original and use of colors are delicious! I would have loved to see one of her gowns grace the red carpet. Despite her unfortunate outcome on P.R. after using one of her unallowed privileges - she truly deserved to win the competition. I'm sure -as her original t-shirt design suggests - she has taken her it as a lesson learned. I wish her the best & look forward to seeing more of her creations win her the positive acclaim and accolades she truly deserves.moreless
  • By the end of the show we saw her true colors!!!

    When Project Runway started, I thought Kara Saun should win. She seemed to be such a nice person, and she IS talented, that cannot be denied!!!

    And then there was Fashion Week, and she comes in with such a fony grin on her face, sleeping on the sofa because she wouldn\'t even share a room with Wendy Pepper for 2 or 3 nights... Than there were the shoes, a gift from a friend, than they costed 15 bucks! For crying out loud! Do you really need to make all this drama?

    I mean, Jay eventually won, and he did not need the drama for that!

    I wonder if she still blames her loss on the shoes...moreless