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Karen Cellini


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  • The Rig

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 13 - 1/7/87

    Sammy Jo continues to keep her false pregnancy a secret from Clay, fearing his adverse reaction upon learning the truth. Blake prepares to fly to Hong Kong with Ben and Alexis to finalize the return of his South China Sea oil leases. Krystle, concerned for her husband's safety, threatens to have Ben sent to prison if anything should happen to Blake. While in Sydney, searching for information to use against Ben, Adam happens across Ben's long lost daughter, Leslie. He discovers what he has been searching for, the mysterious woman plaguing Ben with phone calls, Vera Nesbitt. A bribe soon has her working for Adam. The name Vera Nesbitt sobers Ben into a nervous panic. Upon returning from Australia, Adam goes to Dana and confesses his love to her. Michael admits to a disheartened Amanda his plans to file a lawsuit against her father over the Crater project. While inspecting his oil rig in the South China Sea, an explosion traps Blake under a steel beam. Despite his cries for help, Ben leaves him to face a seemingly certain death, as the lethal flames begin to sweep through the structure.moreless
  • Fear

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 12 - 12/31/86

    Alexis signs a legal document relinquishing all control of Denver-Carrington and the mansion back to Blake, as his promise to use Emily's incriminating letter has its desired effect. Battling Alexis for equal control of Colbyco, Ben threatens to reveal the truth behind their deceitful crusade against Blake. Blake approaches his maligned brother with an offer of reconciliation, only to have Ben vow to continue his vendetta against him. Steven, recovering from a hangover induced by an old acquaintance's proposition, is forced to confide his gay past to Claire. A mutual alliance between Michael Culhane and Alexis to seek vengeance against Blake is sealed with a champagne toast. Upon reading a slanderous column in Alexis' newspaper, Dominique confronts the deflated empress and a good old cat-fight ensues. Remembering the affects of the mysterious phone calls from Australia on Ben, Alexis sends Adam to Sydney to learn more of Ben's sordid past.moreless
  • The Ball

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 11 - 12/17/86

    Armed with Emily Fallmont's incriminating letter, Blake and Steven search for the witnesses who testified against him at his murder trial. Blake anticipates crashing Alexis' opulent bash and finally revealing the truth of Alexis and Ben's perjury against him. Sammy Jo's doctor informs her she is not pregnant. Disputing the diagnosis and fearing the outcome, she keeps the news secret from Clay. Unable to buy back The Crater stocks from Michael Culhane, Blake shuts down operation on the project, fearing Alexis' determination to possess the stocks for her own vindictive schemes. At Denver's grand ball, Blake presents Alexis and Ben with signed affidavits from Dan Franklin and Cora Van Husen, key witnesses in his murder trial. Savoring his moment of triumph, Blake challenges them to relinquish his holdings or face legal humiliation when he makes the facts public.moreless
  • The Letter

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 10 - 12/10/86

    As life slowly fades from Emily's body, she whispers a last request to Blake to use the letter she left for him. The letter reveals the truth behind Alexis and Ben's lies and will clear his name. Blake, however, only wants to use the letter as a last resort. Alexis discovers that Michael Culhane secretly acquired 30% of The Crater project behind Blake's back. She plots to possess the shares for her own sinister deeds and offers Michael 60% for them. Instead, Michael confesses everything to Blake in hopes of winning his trust and proving his love for Amanda. An outraged Blake discounts his confession as more treachery and vows to use Emily's letter to bring Alexis and Ben to justice. Upon learning of his mother's tragic death, Clay and Sammy Jo return from their Las Vegas wedding, only to suffer the hateful wrath of Buck's drunkenness and consuming guilt. Sammy Jo renews her threat to take Danny away from Steven. Nick Kimball sweeps an unsuspecting Dominique into his arms, as the two share a moment of passion. Afraid of Ben, Caress decides to leave Denver and says her goodbyes to Alexis. She warns her sister about Ben and tells her she's going to Paris - but instead Caress is planning on going to Australia to dig up Ben's mysterious past.moreless
  • The Secret

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 9 - 12/3/86

    Caress continues her relentless extortion of Emily Fallmont, who turns to Blake, her only hope. Sammy Jo is hurt by Clay's suggestion of an abortion. Danny's nursery school teacher, Claire Prentice, shows Steven some of Danny's drawings--drawings that reveal a deeply troubled little boy. Clay shows up at Sammy Jo's door and proposes a Las Vegas wedding. Alexis uses the information she requested on Michael Culhane to expose his charade to Amanda. He pleads with Amanda to believe his love for her is real, confessing he loaned the money to her father and promising to never use it against him--as long as she keeps the information secret. Suffering from the pressure of Caress' blackmailing schemes, Emily goes to Buck with the truth that she was with Ben the night of Blake's mother's death. Fleeing from Buck's drunken, verbal abuse, Emily runs blindly in front of a speeding taxi, throwing her apparently lifeless body to the pavement.moreless
  • The Choice

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 8 - 11/27/86

    Caress vows to avenge her years of imprisonment by threatening to reveal Alexis and Ben's conspiracy behind Blake's trial. Dana bitterly attacks Adam for using her to discover Blake's secret venture, "The Crater" project. An apparent reconciliation between Alexis and Caress results in a job at the Denver Mirror for Caress, and the beginning of her schemes for retribution. Michael Culhane uses Zach Powers, surreptitiously in his behalf, to offer Blake the $50 million dollar loan he desperately needs. The transaction nets Culhane thirty percent of "The Crater" project and the perfect opportunity to crush Blake. Clay is less than ecstatic to learn Sammy Jo is pregnant. Caress promises to illuminate Emily Fallmont's past with Ben unless she's paid $100,000. A devastated Emily turns to Ben for advice. As Caress enters her car, shots ring out, shattering her window, narrowly missing her and thwarting her attempted murder. Michael seduces Amanda. Against Blake's adamant objections, Amanda moves in with the conniving chauffeur.moreless
  • The Mission

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 7 - 11/19/86

    Blake and Dex go over plans to break Caress out of prison and return her to Denver. This would present Blake with a weapon to use against his brother's treachery. Despite Ben's pleas to regain her trust, Alexis is keen to his selfish motives and plays Ben's deceptions to her own advantage. Sammy Jo is pregnant with Clay's baby and hopes to start a family. She warns Steven that if she bought a farm on which to raise a family, and with Clay as a husband, no court would deny her custody of Danny. Dana confesses her love to Adam. He feigns affection in return and acquire her promise to help him obtain information from Blake's secret files. Alexis learns of Blake's bold venture and immediately sets out to discredit his efforts. She publishes a headline proclaiming "The Crater" project as a risky speculation, causing Blake to lose vital investors. Dex and Clay Fallmont blast Caress out of her prison cell and return her to Denver. The D.A. refuses to prosecute Ben without proof he kidnapped Caress and attempted her murder. Michael Culhane's lust for revenge drives him to call on an old and fiendish friend, Zach Powers.moreless
  • Romance

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 6 - 11/12/86

    Blake and Krystle fly to Caracas in an attempt to free Caress. Their efforts are wasted as a prison official, bribed by Ben, denies that she's there. Alexis' refound romance with Dex drives Ben mad with envy. Dex shocks Alexis with a proposal of marriage, only to have her reject his amorous bid. Blake catches Michael Culhane and Amanda in a passionate embrace. In a fit of rage, he fires his playboy chauffeur, further distancing Amanda from her over-protective father. Dominique's singing talents are pursued by Gary Tilden, a dubious character who works for a recording studio. Having had enough of Ben's conniving, Alexis kicks him out of the mansion and out of Colbyco, but not before he promises revenge. Ben threatens to expose his and Alexis' conspiracy against Blake if he isn't put back in her good favor. Nick Kimball romantically pursues Dominique, who shows little outward affection in return. Fallon returns to Denver to warn Amanda of Michael Culhane's deceptiveness. Dex jumps after Blake's offer to break Caress out of prison to use as a weapon against Ben's evil schemes.moreless
  • The Arraignment

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 5 - 11/5/86

    Alexis learns of Ben's ploy to frame Blake with a bogus witness. Blake is denied bail and forced to await his trial behind bars. Krystle consults a doctor regarding her dizzy spells and ignores his advice to slow down and rest. Adam overhears Ben nervously reject a call from Australia, arousing his suspicions behind Ben's evasiveness. Jackie is able to tell Krystle and Dominique that the La Mirage blaze started in Claudia's room, proving Blake did not hire an arsonist. The information forces the Assistant D.A. to drop all charges against Blake. Fearing Buck's strong contempt for the Carringtons, Clay unsuccessfully tries to persuade Sammy Jo against accepting his mother's invitation to dinner. Blake receives a letter from Caress in a Caracas prison pleading for his help. He decides to attempt her freedom in exchange for her testimony against Ben. As a raging storm strands Alexis alone with Dex in his construction trailer, the two rekindle their romance by making passionate love.moreless
  • Reward

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 4 - 10/22/86

    Blake discovers La Mirage manager Jay Bradley purposely failed to tell him he hired the man believed responsible for the fire. Alexis continues her ruthless campaign against Blake, offering a $100,000 dollar reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the arsonist. Michael Culhane, bent to avenge the humiliation caused him by Blake in the past, intensifies his efforts to charm Amanda. Blake and Dex agree to work together on an ambitious new drilling venture; a gamble that could win him back his empire or lose everything he ever had. Desperate to know more about their secret deal, Alexis acquires the talents of Gordon Wales, an investigative reporter with a dislike for Blake. Ben and Adam continue to distrust each other, as they are asked to prove their loyalty to Alexis. Ben bribes Jay Bradley, bitter after losing his job, to conspire against Blake. A moment of joy shared with Krystle is crushed by a warrant for Blake's arrest for murder and arson.moreless
  • Focus

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 3 - 10/15/86

    Krystle lays unconscious in her hospital room, a victim of Phil Thorpe's crusade for revenge. Blake attributes the attempted murder to Alexis and vows to kill her if Krystle fails to pull through. Despite their lustful romance, Clay informs Sammy Jo he is not ready for a commitment. As Krystle makes a speedy recovery, Dominique, in a selfless display of trust, offers Blake a 50 million dollar loan to free him from Alexis' crushing debt. Alexis threatens the Assistant D.A. with her power of the press if he doesn't prosecute Blake. Phill Thorpe gains access to Krystle's suite and threatens her with murder in retribution against Blake, but her composure and compassion persuades him to give up his maniacal scheme. Threatened by Alexis' power, the D.A. determines the La Mirage fire as arson and Blake as the prime suspect.moreless
  • Sideswiped

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 2 - 10/1/86

    An incensed Blake discovers the morning headlines, which accuse him of murder and arson. He rushes to the Denver Mirror only to find Alexis as the new publisher. She presents him with an ultimatum: leave Denver or face relentless persecution from her paper. Michael Culhane, the Carrington's blackmailing chauffeur from the past, persuades a reluctant Blake to reacquire his services. Steven offers Adam his hand in friendship to work together for their father, but Adam's true loyalties lie with Alexis and Colbyco. An unsuspecting Blake is stalked by Phil Thorpe. Sammy Jo and Clay Fallmont's romance strengthens. Alexis buys up enough stock to control Denver-Carrington, forcing Blake to relinquish his office, but not his determination to regain his company. Phil Thorpe exacts his revenge by forcing Blake's limousine off the road. From the mangled wreckage, Blake is able to drag himself free and unharmed, only to find Krystle, bloodied and unconscious.moreless
  • The Victory

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 1 - 9/24/86

    Moments from death under Blake's powerful grip, Alexis' life is spared as Krystle is able to restrain Blake's lethal temper, but not before he vows to regain the Carrington mansion. As searing flames ravage La Mirage, Amanda is rescued from the suffocating smoke by Michael Culhane, a nemesis from the Carrington's past. Phil Thorpe accuses Blake of being responsible for the death of his wife, a victim of the fire. A news crew is quick to tape the bereaved man's inflammatory remarks. The La Mirage blaze claims the life of Claudia. Ben receives a mysterious call from a female acquaintance. Unwilling to share in her mother's "triumph", Amanda flees to live with Blake. Upon seeing news clips of the La Mirage fire, Alexis begins to form an unscrupulous scheme, and Blake is the unwitting prey. Her plot unfolds as the Denver Mirror acquires a new publisher and a new headline for the morning edition--BLAKE CARRINGTON ACCUSED OF ARSON-MURDER!moreless