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    • (about what she want people to think of when they hear the name Karen Cliche)
      Karen Cliche: Well, I want people to know that I am really down-to-earth; I do not take myself too seriously. I think I am a big loser sometimes (laughs)! I have a horrible laugh... but if they think that I am a good actor and a nice person, that's even better.

    • (about how important is it to get involved with acting in school)
      Karen Cliche: Well, I was not trained in the traditional sense, but growing up, you become inhibited about acting. Things like improv make you a better actor -- you become less shy and more open to ideas.

    • (about her career choice)
      Karen Cliche: I always wanted to act, it was something I did in school, but then something happened when I hit college. I thought it was too ambitious to go into acting, so fear kicked in and I went into psychology. But then my modeling agency started an acting department, so I just went for it. I was lucky to have that outlet.

    • (about when she went in Italy)
      Karen Cliche: I lived a fantastic period in Milan. I was living with three other models and we had lots of fun. I did many photo shoots in and around Milan. And I remember taking splendid walks. I would love to go back. I travelled a lot with my father and I always love to learn about other cultures. And then in Italy I also fell in love. It was so hard to leave.

    • (about is she feel more blonde or brunette)
      Karen Cliche: After being blonde for a long time when I was a model, I felt the need to change. I was surer of myself and I followed my instincts. I played in "Adventure Inc." and "Mutant X" as a brunette. However, I would redye my hair if a part called for it.

    • (about the women in television)
      Karen Cliche: For a long time, the roles of men and women were very defined. But now things have changed. There is not just one way of being feminine and I believe that an intelligent, strong woman with a good sense of humor is very appreciated.

    • (about the craziest thing someone did for her)
      Karen Cliche: I've received various poems and also a painting. It's very beautiful when you can communicate your feelings for someone on paper. It's very romantic.

    • Reporter: What is the one thing about you that would shock our readers?

      Karen Cliche: I burp really well, [but] not on command... there are some things I can't say... one thing I have done is, I have really long toes, so I once smoked a cigarette with my toes for a pitcher of beer...

    • Reporter: You've traveled a bit to Hong Kong and obviously L.A.; tell us about some of the places you've been to.

      Karen Cliche: Oh my God, I loved Germany, Italy and Australia as well. The people are just great. I love Europe -- both the UK and France.

    • Reporter: You studied psychology; how useful is that?

      Karen Cliche: I have never played a psychopath (laughs), but I did a year in college so I did not get into it too much... but acting is psychology so it does help