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  • Playing a character like "Ma Ingalls" wasn't as easy as Karen Grassle made it look. She had to play this 1880's praire woman who was reserved, oat-meal-scrubbed and God-fearing. But also fiesty, elegant and smart. No small feat!

    It took such a unique actress to pull off such a multi-dimensional character. I think she made the character of "Ma" so uniquely her own that if casting directors were to cast such a chararcter again, they would say something like, "We need a 'Karen Grassle' type for this!" From what I've read about her, she is exceptionally intelligent - skipping grades in school, receiving two BA degrees from Berkely and receiving a scholarship to the Royal Acedmy of Dramatic Art in London. I think some people were a little too quick to dismiss Grassle as a leading lady because she never came across as stilted, self-aware, or decadent.
  • Some actors can't truly show any depth to their characters because of the way they are written and directed.

    I don't know why everyone is giving her low marks. She played the character the way it should have been if you read the books! She portrayed a strong frontier woman taking care of her family. I especially liked the story where she thought she would have to amputate her leg and the struggle she went through spiritually and emotionally to save her life. Thankfully she didn't have to, but Karen did an astounding job with the character with what she was given on script. You work with what you have and direction given to you. Most of the storylines were not given to her they were written for the kids or for Michael/Charles, she was a background player, so she had to deal with what she had and personally I think she did great.
  • Greatest "Ma"ever on TV at that time.

    She was the best Mother on TV in her time. I loved the show, still watch it today on the Hallmark Channel. The best episodes have been playing, the markable ones, for the past 3 weeks. I'm just waiting for the Christmas ones. I am hoping for the series for Christmas, you know, the one in the Wagon Box? Yeah, I'm an oldie but young at heart and just love the series. I could watch it all day long being disabled and in bed most of the time. Otherwise, I have my other favorites too. Seventh Heaven, Real ID, etc.
  • She is good i guess.

    I liked her better in the earlier seasons especially the movie and seasons one and two. although i personly liked the later seasons beter. I liked laura elizabeth ingalls as laura elizabeth ingalls wilder the best but that's an other review. Back to Karen,I thought the picture they put of her on the season seven box was very unflatering. I personly dislike her especially when she's older, She did portray a good Ma on little house on the prairrie. Although as i have repeatedly mentioned already (sorry) she was better earlyier. Anyway, When she quit after season nine the show had to completley change. I personly like Caroline Lake Quinner Holbrook Ingalls. Although Karen Grassel made her a tough sell.
  • An ok person but did a god ma on tv

    Hi everyone i'm Karen Grassel's first reviewer. I don't think she's to special. She acted good on tv as Caroline Ma ingalls. I didnt find her as beautiful as "Pa" said but that was oviously fake. She used that fake name i didnt like that personly. I think she over did it in the later seasons and when she quit and all the kids had to move away, it was very upseting to me. I loved her as Ma. Karen Grassle makes me remember a very very wierd and queer teacher i had in fourth grade ( i didn't like her)