Karen Strassman




Birth Name

Karen M. Strassman




Karen Strassman has worked on numerous voiceover projects throughout the cartoon and anime world. Anime folks might recognize her as the voice of Kallen Stadtfeld in Code Geass, Ren in DearS, Soifon in Bleach, Miyuki in Lucky Star, Konoha in Please Teacher, and Hitomi in the Appleseed movie.

Karen has studied with Le Conservatoire National D'Art Dramatique in Paris, and is a major voiceover talent in France, doing announcements for Air France and Disneyland Paris. Some of her European voiceover work has been selected over local European talents. She narrates the audio tours of the Louvre and Musee d'Orsay. Karen also does voices for video games, audio books, commercials, and talking toys including Barbie and Disney Princess, as well as Everquest.

Karen is situated in the Los Angeles area where she also provides voice training for actors and accent coaching.