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Karen Taylor

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  • I think that Karen Taylor would have to be one of the best comedians on British and Australian television today, with true acting talent she has proved that she has what it takes to go all the way and is one of the true naturals on television in this day.moreless

    To say that Karen Taylor is a true natural when it comes to it, would be something of an understatement. Now to get down to business, she needs her own show i think to truly bring out the extent of her talent, stand-up and sketches would fit the bill nicely. Not too mention some skimpy outfits as she has an awesome pair of boobs on her and i think she could use to her definite advantage. What can i say?, i enjoy watching her on the sketch and strive to find her on the internet, next free moment i shall purchase the DVD and watch it again and again to see her in perfect fluid motion. Do u think that someone could send me her personal e-mail? i would like to say this and more in person, it would be a dream come true.moreless