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  • Always amazing perfomance in everything that you give to her!

    Is very reliable and convincing. Very professional. And is a beauty!

  • kari matchett is my aunt. i watch all of her shows on television i love her to bits when i see her on television. good job to my aunt i wish her all the best in her career.

    kari matchett is a awesome girl with great talents she has a great family watching her television shows and we all love her and her work in television shows.she is my hero in my family and friends
    i love her and love her 4ever and always
    good job my sweet beautiful aunt
    i love you
  • Kari Matchett is one very talented actress!

    Kari Matchett has a difficult role in "Invasion" and does a superb job! She's my favorite and I liked her character from the first episode. She really displays great skill in portraying different emotions - loving, devoted and over-protective mother; cool, calm and collected doctor and chief of staff of the hospital; plus the searching soul trying to glean what happened when she was missing overnight during the hurricane.

    Her performance on "Cradle" (Nov 16), left me in tears as I was secretly hoping Mariel was really - well - Mariel!
  • I think Kari Matchett is the most interesting actor around.

    I think Kari Matchett is the most interesting actor around. I was first introduced to her work around the time I was at nts (everyone speaks very highly of her work there) and since then I've seen quite a few of her pieces including Men with Brooms, Blue Murder, Wonderfalls, The Eleventh Hour, Plague City, and of course Invasion!! It's exciting to watch someone that talented and in so many different things. Does anyone know if she still does theatre?
  • A lovely, attractive, and multitalented actress with great range

    I thoroughly enjoy Kari Matchett! Her performances have been stellar in everything I've seen her in. She brilliantly does turns in drama, comedy, and various combinations of the two, and seems to find roles in a variety of genres. I first noticed her in Gene Rodenberry's 'Earth: Final Conflict', a science fiction drama that managed to run for 5 seasons (though only the first season was truly amazing IMHO; seasons 2-4 showed small glimmers of hope that kept me hanging on, but the 5th season was apparently a completely different *series*! Again, IMHO). Kari appeared in that first season as well as one or two vital appearances in the second season.

    I got the opportunity to really marvel at her talent in the Nero Wolfe series that was shown here in the US on the A&E channel. Being an aficianado of Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe detective novels aside, this repertory-style production clearly brought the actors' artistry to the forefront. This approach to production allowed for most members of the cast to play a different role in each episode, drawing on their cache of talents to portray a wide variety of characters. You get to see Kari dark and menacing, bright, funny and playful, always generating very satisfying chemistry with her fellow actors. Another TV series in which she has a prominent role is "Invasion", which aired in 2006. I'm so sorry this series didn't have a longer run, primarily because of Kari Matchett's presence in the cast.

    I saw her most recently in an episode of 'Studio 60 on the Sunset Stip' in Feb. 2007; again, she lights up the scenes she appears in and definitely leaves one anxiously anticipating her next appearance. I look forward to finding more of her onscreen work.
  • Invasion is her best work ever.

    Kari got herself a really good part playing a pivotal character in Invasion. It's her best role ever. she plays a hybrid really well, she does it profesionally. she acts the part very seemlessly, like she is the character, she did a good job not looking silly after all it's a fictional role, doing this role can easily make an actor look unconvincing, but Kari nails it. watching kari play a hybrid parent is a real feast for a sci fi addict like me. her role is so integral to the plot, it's hard for the story to function well without her character. she's truly amazing in this role.
  • Agreat talent and a knockout to boot!

    A lovely gal with eyes that giveaway her intelligence, Kari Matchett was one of the best things about the show, Invasion. I had seen her in the A&E series of Nero Wolfe, in various roles.

    The lady can play the icily imperious femme, but, as evidenced in her work as Mariel Underlay, Kari can bring everything else to the party too!

    I need to do some digging and get her earlier performances and her bigger Canadian work as well.

    As I chose for the rating, this gal can totally run with a series- she ran off with Eddie Cibrian's vehicle (with the equally compelling William Fitchner)!

    I wait for her next project excitedly!
  • Kari Matchett brings a sense of compassion and understanding in the roles she plays. Her ability to suck you into the mood she portrays is fantastic and makes me feel like I completely understand her as a character.

    Kari's role in Invasion has proven that she can take a character and bring a sense of understanding and compassion to them. She is my favourite character as she perfectly portrays the struggle one would feel had they changed. She demonstrates how one holds on to the things they cherish as well as work to understand the changes and embrace them . Her roles on other shows such as Nero Wolfe prove she is very talented and has a great career ahead of her.