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    • Kari: I try to get as much information as possible and at a certain point, you also have to abandon yourself to all the stuff you don't know and pick it up on the fly.

    • Kari: There's a really beautiful thing about working with people you've worked before and it unfortunately doesn't happen in the acting world enough. In the theater world, it happens more than in the film world, but it's always a blessing when you get to work with people you love and respect and Timothy is an amazing actor, so I was very happy to come on the show and work with him again.

    • Kari: It's not something before the show that I really gave any thought or energy to it. Now that I'm on this show, I give a lot of thought and energy to it. To me, there's no question that there's other life forms. I think it's absurd now to actually believe that we would be the only life force.

    • Kari: I would like to say to anyone who would consider themselves my fans, I send them a tremendous amount of love.

    • (on what role she has done and really defines her as an actor)
      Kari Matchett: I love playing Mariel [on "Invasion".] I think Shawn Cassidy writes her in such a rich way. She has so much happening in her life, so many balls she's throwing in the air. I love playing her. She's the first major role that I've done for American television.

    • (on when she decided to become an actor)
      Kari Matchett: I was 12 and I was obsessed with "The Outsiders" (the book). I felt every single thing that Ponyboy felt. It was so intense for me. I picked up a Teen Beat magazine and it said they were making the movie. Something inside of my head just clicked and I felt I had found a path for this receptacle where I could put all this stuff.

      Something just clicked. I came out of my bedroom and announced it to my family.

    • (on the best music concert she ever been to)
      Kari Matchett: Tom Waits in the Hummingbird Centre in Toronto for the Mule Variations tour. It was just him, and he was on this wooden platform onstage and there was dirt everywhere. Tom Waits stood on that platform and he started stomping it and created this cloud of dust throughout the auditorium. It created this environment like you would have in a smoky bar.

      It was as if Pigpen from Peanuts was doing a fabulous concert. He's a phenomenal performer and artist and it is forever burned into my mind, him stomping on that stage creating a cloud of dust throughout the auditorium.

    • (on her character on "Invasion")
      Kari Matchett: I won't say anything is difficult but it is a challenge. I think her challenge is to keep it all together, keep it all happening because of all the stuff that she's trying to put together and understand. It's like someone who's going through an incredible emotional journey, whether it would be a loss of somebody or maybe depression or something like that and then trying to keep her life together, I think that's her. The whole series for Mariel is about understanding and her journey into feelings that she hasn't experienced before, while trying to keep this normalcy of family life and her job intact.

    • (on her character on "Invasion")
      Kari Matchett: Mariel is a woman who's got a really full plate. She's got a stepdaughter and two kids. The first one she had when she was incredibly young. There's always stuff happening, there's so much richness in her journey. It's a really ripe character to play as an actor because there's so much going on. As an actor you want to have obstacles, you want to have problems and stuff happening.

    • (on "Invasion" Executive Producer Shaun Cassidy)
      Kari Matchett: Shaun [Cassidy] is great and a lot of fun to work with, he's also very collaborative and we really have an openness in terms of what he is creating. He is always available to listen to ideas and I would say that in comparison to most of what I've done, he's the most available, open, creative sort that I've come in contact with. I have a firm belief and knowledge that film is a collaborative medium so Shaun creates an environment where you truly feel like you are collaborating and that's a great way to be, in terms of creativity.

      I feel like I actually can be part of the creative process. Shaun's the source but he loves new ideas and new thoughts and I love sharing that with him. There is a real strong family sense on this show that I have rarely experienced. People really like each other and are genuinely generous with one other and that's rare. I'm really grateful for that.

    • (on her "Invasion" co-star William "Bill" Fichtner)
      Kari Matchett: It's funny how people are always commenting on how intense Bill is to Bill. I'm tired of it, so I can't even imagine how tired he is of it. People are always saying the same thing over and over again, so I'm sure he just wanted to hear something original.

    • (on shooting the pilot of "Invasion")
      Kari Matchett: It was fantastic. To me, the physical reality of shooting in the wind and rain with machines is really not a big deal, because it's kind of what you hope for as an actor. You don't have to act anything; you're purely in reactive mode when it's like that. When you're shooting in California, they turn off the rain machines and wind machines and it's warm. So there was no freezing involved.

      I'm Canadian, so freezing is always par for the course when you're shooting outdoors, but here it was simple. Beyond that, working with [Invasion director] Tommy Schlamme and Shaun [Cassidy] and the fabulous actors that I'm working with is fantastic.