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    • (on "Invasion" Executive Producer Shaun Cassidy)
      Kari Matchett: Shaun [Cassidy] is great and a lot of fun to work with, he's also very collaborative and we really have an openness in terms of what he is creating. He is always available to listen to ideas and I would say that in comparison to most of what I've done, he's the most available, open, creative sort that I've come in contact with. I have a firm belief and knowledge that film is a collaborative medium so Shaun creates an environment where you truly feel like you are collaborating and that's a great way to be, in terms of creativity.

      I feel like I actually can be part of the creative process. Shaun's the source but he loves new ideas and new thoughts and I love sharing that with him. There is a real strong family sense on this show that I have rarely experienced. People really like each other and are genuinely generous with one other and that's rare. I'm really grateful for that.